The most popular sport in the world! and they are sporting that people often practice.

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Both are very popular in Japan and they are sporting that people often practice.

Soccer is a popular sport around the world, but in reality, baseball is only important in Asia and the United States. In Europe, baseball-like cricket is more popular than baseball, and many Europeans do not know the rules of baseball.

From Japan's perspective, I think it's about the level of "what is a cricket?", But it's surprisingly popular. I often do it on Malta TV. It can be the same as Japanese baseball. From a foreigner's point of view, the Japanese like sumo, which is a national skill, right? Many people misunderstand that "Oh!! Sumo !!".

By the way, popular sports in each country depend on the climate and customs.

I was wondering what kinds of sports are popular in the world, so I checked it out.


 The hottest baseball is here! After all, it's in the top 10 from a global perspective, but it doesn't seem to be that popular.

Baseball itself is a major sport in the Americas, Cuba, other Americas, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.

Unpopular in Europe, leaning towards soccer and other sports. The only countries participating in the WBC are the Netherlands, Italy and Spain in Europe. Both countries are soccer powerhouses, so they are probably more popular.


The image of martial arts sports is that every country has a huge following. Between them, boxing has a long history and the rules have been gradually established from danger to the present.

However, it is true that some countries still prohibit it as a violent sport. It is a popular sport in Japan with many enthusiastic fans. In recent years, due to the increase in the amount of exercise and the amount of exercise, it is gradually becoming more popular among women as "boxing" combined with exercise.

 Powerful and well-known players of all ages. Even those who aren't good at bloodshed may be intrigued by the handsome young boxers who are masculine in boxing.


Rugby was born in England. It is a popular sport not only in Europe like Scotland and Ireland, which are close to England, but also in Oceania and South Africa.

It is said that it is very difficult to beat other countries because Asians have different physiques. However, at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, there was talk that the Japanese team would defeat South Africa, the third largest in the world, and I was excited for a while (・ ∀ ・).

I think some people have become fans from there. High school rugby is surprisingly popular too.


Volleyball is a new sport that started in 1895, but it is popular all over the world. Countries from various continents, including Europe, Asia, and South America, participate in the international competition.

Until 1949, there was no official competition as an international competition, and the Olympics were added after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The Japanese team at that time became a hot topic as "Witch of the East", but the rate of audience for the final match with the Soviet Union at that time was 66.8%, which appears to be the highest for sports broadcasts.

Of course, both men and women remain popular, and recently, handsome young volleyball players have become a hot topic. After all, it seems that if you have a goal to back you will become more popular.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an intense sport called "ice fighting." It is an unknown sport in Japan, but it is also popular internationally. In particular, it has become the most popular sport in Canada and Scandinavia, where it started. I think it is popular even in cold countries.

Interestingly, in ice hockey, the rules allow one-on-one combat.

There are also battle rules, and when all the sticks and gloves are loose and ready, you can take part in a battle called "combat" with your bare hands. In the case of a battle within the rules, the referee will not stop and the spectators will support him. Ice hockey has some cool rules, and maybe some people are going to watch this fight!


The tennis that came out here is popular in Japan regardless of age or gender! It is a sport used in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and is loved regardless of gender, age or personality.

Tennis is relatively easy and fun not only to watch the game, but also to start the game. One of the attractions is that you can easily enjoy it as a hobby, such as college clubs and club activities.