The National Enquirer Has A New Owner -- Will It Now Cover Famous People Like Donald Trump Differently?

The National Enquirer has a new owner and some are wondering if this change will mark the beginning of a new era in their coverage and relation with Trump.



The controversial supermarket tabloid was more recently in the headlines for allegedly attempting to extort Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos over private text messages and photos he exchanged with Lauren Sanchez.

On Thursday, American Media Inc., The Enquirer’s publisher, lead by Trump's close friend, David Pecker, announced via a statement that James Cohen, a son of the founder of the Hudson News franchise is now the new owner.

The publication has been searching for a new owner for a few months because American Media Inc. no longer wants its name attached to it.

According to several reports, it was difficult finding a buyer for the magazine due to the ongoing scrutiny of federal investigators for meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The money-losing tabloid had sparked the interest of California billionaire Ronald W. Burkle who changed his mind last week prompting Mr. Cohen to make a bid.

In their announcement, American Media Inc. also revealed that two other tabloids: the

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Former American Media spokesman Stu Zakim spoke to CNN on the publication's catch and kill method of burying career destroying stories that could have hurt Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Harvey Weinstein: "This boils down to friendship. Pecker is taking care of his friends. AMI has often paid for stories to take them off the market -- i.e., no one else can print it -- to protect David's friends. Trump is one of his close friends, so take the leap."  

Do you think the publication will now change, yes or no?