The No BS Lens of a Scientific Military Mind w/ New Podcast

New Podcast Launches which Touches Upon Current Events and Political Issues Globally

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A new and refreshing current events podcast that critically analyzes today’s issues through the lens of warfare and geopolitical thought: “Come On, Don’t Bullshit Me!”. An unusual, yet painfully obvious way of looking at ongoing events, the podcast tackles today’s hotly debated issues, including immigration, healthcare, trade, law enforcement, and the national budget. Host Henri de Saint-Simon, a US Air Force veteran who worked as a military scientist, intelligence, and NATO officer focuses on the issues that divide us in the name of political theatre, dismantled by asking cutting questions that lead to the heart of the issues that society struggles with.  

“The finality of war has a keen ability to strip away the bullshit,” says the show host, “You cannot afford to be fooled in war; you have to sniff out bullshit quickly and discriminate against it with prejudice, because your life depends on it. A majority of people today, being so far removed from the ills of war, no longer have this life-or-death need to think critically and strip away bullshit. Thus, people end up confused and deceived much easier than they used to in the past (religious and educational aspects aside).”

In this show by applying the critical thinking principles of military philosophy to current events, Henri cuts to the crux of the real issues including burning questions like:

- Why do citizens consistently vote on policies that hurt them? 

- Why is having businessmen in politics harmful for a country? 

- Why is it easier for a policeman to kill than it is for a soldier?

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About the host

Henri de Saint-Simon is a US Airforce veteran, scientist, intelligence, and NATO officer, who now lives in Europe as a private consultant working on strengthening trans-Atlantic commercial partnerships. Henri provides his unique scientific-military perspective on events with the sole purpose of stripping away the bullshit and talking about the real underlying issues.

His philosophy is to understand first, before running to conclusions. And that understanding is a true art that requires learning not only the standpoint of multiple parties, but also a deep understanding of historic, economic, religious, racial, and many other variable contexts. And this is what the show is about: “It is complex, but not complicated,” as he likes to say.