The official ITF statement on the controversies over the suffocating heat in Olympic tennis.


In conjunction with the IOC and other entities, the International Tennis Federation decided that the matches start after three in the afternoon.

After the worrying images left by the Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa, when she left the court after suffering a heat stroke, and the criticism of some players of the organization, as a result of the weather conditions in which they appeared in their respective matches, the International Tennis Federation issued an official statement.

Since the premiere of the current number 1 in the ATP ranking, Novak Djokovic, The main topic of discussion at Tokyo's AriakeTennis Park has been the sporting conditions in which each match was played, with players demanding changes to the rules to adapt to the Japanese capital's extreme heat and humidity.

The exit in the wheelchair of the 23-year-old Spanish tennis player was the one that filled the glass. For this reason, the ITF, after consulting with the IOC and other entities, decided to delay the start of the confrontations until after three o'clock. The afternoon.

Following the players' health and well-being interests and extensive consultation, the ITF has announced a one-time change due to the currently rising heat and humidity in Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Tennis Event matches will begin at 3 pm on Thursday, July 29, 2021," explained the Federation through an official statement.

"The decision to start the games at 3 pm from Thursday is possible due to the results of today's games in the five competitions that are taking place," he explained.

This determination was made among other stakeholders after various consultations between the IOC, the Tokyo 2020 organization, the Olympic Relay Service, players, and medical experts.

After the rain, which increased the humidity, the temperature reached close to 32º C. Several tennis players made themselves heard.

"They are the most difficult conditions in which he has never had to play," said the world number 1 after defeating Bolivian Hugo Dellen.

"I expected things to be difficult, but when you're here, you'll realize you're never ready for that kind of effort," Djokovic said.

No. 2, Russia's Daniil Medvedev also spoke after the victory over Italy's Fabio Fognini, who ranked him in the quarterfinals: I can finish the game, but I can die. If I die, will you be responsible for it? He asked the umpire when he asked if he could continue the game.

It is clear that they have a lot in common. Unfortunately, the organization has done nothing better.

That three people in air conditioning decide that we play with 40 degrees every day is crazy", recognized Diego Schwartzman for his part.