The Oscars will be partially held from the Los Angeles train station to allow social distancing from COVID.

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According to a report, part of the upcoming 93rd annual Academy Awards is scheduled to be presented from a train station in downtown Los Angeles to allow for social distancing amid the pandemic.

As per the deadline, an email has verified that some of the celebrations will take place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood and the union station in downtown Los Angeles.

An email obtained from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president, David Rubin, says that the nominees, their guests, and presenters will attend in person this year, but there will be no ticket lottery.

The outlet previously cited sources saying that those who attend in person will be located at Union Station to allow for social distancing amid the pandemic due to the size of the facilities.

Rubin's recent email did not confirm details on how the evening schedule will work or what each venue will be used for, deadline said.

The news comes after the 2021 ceremony was postponed in 2020 for the fourth time in its history until April this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Before the postponement, this year's ceremony was scheduled for February 28. However, Academy continued how to control the consequences of this virus,

The email, which was reportedly sent to the 9,362 voting members of the Academy, confirmed that no other in-person events would occur.

Nomination screenings, the Oscar nominees' luncheon, the post-Oscars Governors Ball celebration, and the Oscar Night parties in London and New York are said to be canceled.

Rubin said the Academy had included an "ideal trio of producers: Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher, and Steven Soderbergh" to "put together an Oscars show like no other."

Last April, the Academy made the unprecedented decision to allow films that did not have a theatrical release to be eligible for awards after the industry was hit hard by the crisis.

Theaters were closed as much of the US went into lockdown in March. High-profile film releases were delayed with the cancellation of major festivals like Cannes.

The email obtained insists that this year's awards will "honor the extraordinary films, memorable performances and film achievements of the past year.