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The Trump administration, thousands of children separated from their parents. The staff would like to provide families


On the front passenger seat of the rented Jeep and, for more than a year of waiting, it was finally coming to an end.

"I've got this feeling in my gut and in my heart. I'm glad," She Ledesma said.

"A butterfly?" I asked from the back seat.

"Yes, that's a butterfly."

I was stuck in a car with Ledesma, an outreach worker, a not-for-profit, Seneca Family of Agencies, as well as two of her co-Chandra at all, and Oyarzabal.

She invited me to join them on a mission, which has faded from the news, but it's just as exciting as it always has been: to identify the families that were separated by the Trump administration at the border.

On Tuesday, the office said the administration has said more than 2,100 families separated under the Trump administration, have not yet been reunited.

For hundreds, and even get in touch with them is not possible. Due to Covid-19, until now, the search is mostly virtual.

However, at the beginning of the last month in the San Antonio and Ledesma, and her co-workers were going door-to-door in order to find out the meaning of the united families, which would not have been able to achieve the purpose of the provision of mental health services.

A federal judge has ordered that the application is because the severe psychological trauma of separation, which, as he put it, and, after the Trump administration to back out of a deal for the service, as we have mentioned before.

In the Local communities, a large number of immigrant children at the border, the (u).p.

According to the Offer, administration, and 1,786 children are united with their parents, and to a large extent, on the basis of a court order issued under the Trump administration. Some groups say the number could be higher.

Up to the present, is usually by means of cold calls, Favorite, and is affiliated with more than 1,000 families in and around 250 to have consented to the services, including therapy for children and their parents.

"The trauma that he has suffered'

Of the Seneca, in the scope of the employee, it was nerve-wracking, and the stakes are high, and for a good reason.

It begins with the trauma that he has suffered with the divorce," Allen said.

The families of the symptoms, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including the parents, feeling guilty for what has happened, not being able to talk to their children about the experiences that they went through," Oyarzabal, he said. "The great depression. The fear of failure."

These are the symptoms, and the other on a piece of paper, which the team and with other colleagues, and in other places along the route — mail wherever it can, among other things, markets, and restaurants. As a leader, you can lead a family to sign up in order to find a solution.

The Oyarzabal and Veronica Ledesma, Seneca Family of Agencies, please send us a pair of leaflets distributed by a company in San Antonio, Texas.