The Pentagon has approved that images of UFOs flying over US warplanes are true.


Navy personnel recorded videos and photos of spherical and triangular objects in the sky, said Sue Gough, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

The United States Department of Defense confirmed that the photos and videos leaked to the press that were taken in 2019, where some unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are observed, are legitimate.

Members of the Navy managed to capture objects in the shape of a triangle with flashing lights and moving from side to side through the clouds, in photographs and videos, said Sue Gough, the Pentagon spokeswoman, in a statement to CNN. Three objects are observed, one in the shape of a sphere, another in the shape of an "acorn," and a last characterized as a "metallic airship."

The Pentagon spokeswoman said that to maintain security and avoid revealing information that could be useful to adversaries, the Defense Department did not publicly discuss the details of the observations that were made.

As we have said before, it is necessary to have the security of operations and abstain from disclosing data that could be useful to possible rivals. The DOD (Department of Defense) does not publicly discuss the details of observations or examinations of reported incursions in our fields training or designated airspace, including those sorties, "Gough said.

He also reported that these incidents had been included for examination by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group, which was created in August 2020, precisely to investigate UFO sightings by the military.

The videos and photos taken by sailors were leaked by Mystery Wire and on the Extraordinary Beliefs website last week, although they have circulated on the web since last year.

The Navy said in 2019 that "in recent years, there have been numerous reports that civilian and unknown aircraft have entered various military-controlled areas and entered designated airspace.

In 2020 the Pentagon published three videos showing unidentified aerial phenomena. Clips from the United States Navy had previously confirmed that they were real.

US intelligence agencies were ordered to deliver unclassified reports on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to Congress in June.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group was created in August 2020 to investigate UFOs that had been observed by US military aircraft. It was reported that David Norquist, who was then undersecretary of Defense, would help monitor the team. The Pentagon's investigation into previous efforts, which the United States has described as an aerial bombardment, was led by the US Navy, as many of its documentary encounters involved its aircraft.

Members of Congress and the Pentagon were concerned about unidentified aircraft flying over US military bases, posing a potential risk to military aircraft. There is no consensus on their origin, and some believe that they may be drones operated by adversaries seeking to collect intelligence rather than aliens.

In June 2020, the Senate Intelligence Committee decided to provide the Pentagon and the intelligence community with a public analysis of the encounters, after which the Pentagon formally released three short videos showing U.S. aircraft watching the demonstrations.

The chairman of that committee, Senator Marco Rubio, told a local news station that there were things flying over military bases and places where military exercises were being held.

Marco Rubio said We have things flying over military bases and areas where we do military operations, and we don't comprehend what is and what isn't, so that's a valid subject. He also said it was something off our planet.

Honestly, if there is anything from this planet, it would be better than the fact that we have seen some kind of technological leap from the Chinese, the Russians, or any other opponent.

In April 2019, then-President Donald Trump called the videos released incredible and even said they wondered if they were real.