The Pentagon was closed for emergency due to gunfire in the subway station area.


After the closure of just over an hour, official agency sources said that the episode had left "several victims," although it was not confirmed if they were dead or injured.

Shots were fired near the Pentagon entrance Tuesday morning, causing several injuries. As a result, the facility, the United States Armed Forces headquarters, was temporarily closed.

The episode caused "several victims," ​​an official source reported, without clarifying whether they were killed or injured.

In a press conference, the head of the Pentagon Protection Force Agency, Woodrow Kusse, indicated that the incident occurred around 10:37 (14:37 GMT) on one of the platforms that serve the different bus lines that pass through the area.

A Pentagon official was attacked on a Metrobus platform, shots were fired, and several victims were killed, the official said, without elaborating on whether he was killed or wounded. However, CNN indicated, citing three official sources, that a police officer died due to the shooting.

Kusse declined to confirm the attacker's condition when he died and did not specify if the incident posed a threat to the security of the complex.

According to Kusse, there is an "ongoing investigation," and he promised to provide more "details" later, ensuring that the information he has is "preliminary."

The situation has been resolved, but the investigation should continue, the officer added, adding that he did not know the cause of the incident.

The Pentagon reopened its gates more than an hour later. The Pentagon Protection Force Agency, in charge of the custody of the place, reported on its Twitter account the reopening of access to the site but warned that the entrance to the subway and one of the corridors that connect the complex with that station remain closed.

"The scene of the incident is safe," added that force, which, however, warned that "it is still an active crime scene."

In addition, he recommended that citizens stay "away from the subway entrance and the bus platform area."

The incident occurred on a Metro bus platform part of the Pentagon Transit Center, the Pentagon Protection Force Protection Agency tweeted. 

The facility is just steps from the Pentagon building in Arlington County, Virginia, across Washington DC.

A Pentagon statement said the facility was closed due to police activity. The Pentagon's Force Protection Agency, which is responsible for security at the building, tweeted shortly before noon that the scene was safe. The lock was lifted in addition to the area around the crime scene.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley were present at the White House meeting with President Joe Biden.

This event recalled two incidents in 2010, one of which in March of that year involved a 36-year-old man, John Patrick Bedell, who wounded two soldiers after opening fire on a security post at that headquarters.

The subject died after confronting the police who responded to the attack. Months later, the Pentagon was shot at in October, hitting two windows in a part of the building that was being rebuilt and remained unoccupied.