The phrase that surprised Gallardo to Eduardo Dominguez in the last River Plate Colon.


The Doll gave an unexpected recognition to the rival coach, champion of the last League Cup, before facing the Monumental.

Eduardo Domínguez holds a particular record against Marcelo Gallardo: he only lost one game. In eight matches, adding the 2-1 he achieved at the Monumental in Colón's victory against River Plate for the first date of the Professional League, he adds three wins, three draws, and the aforementioned setback.

However, beyond the rivalry, they have a perfect relationship. The Doll and the former defender share a representative (Juan Berros) and even coincide in one of the clubs on their resumes with the DT diver (

Well, the millionaire counselor surprised his colleague with a special greeting before the crash in Núñez. When Domínguez sat down on the visiting substitute bench, Gallardo stood up and headed determinedly toward his location. There, both with the chinstrap on, they hugged each other. At the same time, the DT twice winner of the Libertadores released him "congratulations, champion. "

The cameras of the official broadcast captured the moment. On social networks, many users highlighted the Doll as a sign of humility and nobility. Then, already in the fray, the reigning champions (who won the last League Cup in the final against San Juan in racing) won with Aliendro and Góez.

He held the advantage despite the expulsion of Gonzalo Piovi, beyond the fact that in the complement, the locals generated many goal situations and discounted via Matías Suárez.

Carlos Bianchi's son-in-law, Carlos Bianchi's son-in-law, explained that for the tournament, he lost to his great personality, Pulga Rodríguez, who had gone to the Gimnasia La Plata.

When asked about "paternity" about his colleague, he preferred not to elaborate: "Statistics do not play. "

In the beginning, River bet on an alternative formation, prioritizing Wednesday's duel from 9:30 p.m. 16 in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores round against Argentina's Juniors at La Paternal (first leg 1-1). Later, with a negative result, the technical director had to hint at the headlines, which did not achieve equality.

We played against an opponent who did not back down. It was a good thing they scored a goal with a low man. Colin praised Gallardo at a press conference, defending the results very well.

In the second, we did not know how to specify the situations we generated," he added.

Colón will play next Saturday, the 24th, from 13:30 against Lanús in Santa Fe again. Meanwhile, the band will perform at the Memorial on Sunday the 25th, but against the Union, for the local competition.