The police cleared the Lafayette Park and the protesters as Trump was able to hold for a photo shoot

However, the report pointed out that attorney general Barr the officials to speed up the process when Trump decided to pass through the area.


When federal police officers violently cleared demonstrators from the city's Lafayette Park and in June 2020, and they made it so that a contractor can install a fence, they provide an opportunity for President Donald Trump's order to hold a photo session in close to a church, an investigation by the Interior Department's inspector general, which is.

The book, published on Wednesday, is likely to be a surprise to many of Trump's critics, who have long believed that a president and his attorney general, ordered the operation to the ground, the political theatre. Central to the prosecution of a federal Black Lives Matter a lawsuit against the department of justice.

In the report, there is no evidence for this, however, was found to be the Attorney General, William Barr asked the officials to speed up the clean-up process as soon as Trump visited the area in the evening.

Chief Inspector Mark Greenblatt has been downloaded, the problems with implementation of the clean-up, including the likelihood that many of the protesters did not hear the police's warning to go through the police would turn it on.

Trump's standing in front of the Pc. John's Church, holds a Bible, in order that the threat of military action against the protesters

And he found out that the firing of pepper balloons to the Bureau at the same time as serving the penalty was "inconsistent with" the incident commander's guidance. Investigators have not been able to determine why the Bureau of the punishment of the officials, but they arrived too late and missed out on the operational details in this report.

The report states that, of Washington, D. C. police department, in a number of law enforcement agencies on the scene, the protesters, fired tear gas, that gas, which came as a surprise to the police, and that the process is in progress.

However, Greenblatt, as we saw in the park, the police had the authority to clean up the park, and it's a decision that was met with pine Needles, and a couple of hours before anyone else found out about what Trump had intended to do.

"The evidence we have found is displayed to the Park, the Police cleared the park, so that the contractor is to be a reliable way to identify the anti-latitudinal band in response to the destruction of federal property, and the injured officers of the army, which took place on May 30 and 31,"Greenblatt's letter said. "We also found that the relevant officials of the Park, the Police have taken such a decision, and began to implement the plan, up to several hours before they could find out any visit to the park, as has been done later in the day. So, we've decided that there is no evidence, and the results confirm that (the Park, the Police cleared the park, on June 1, 2020, so that, if President Trump is able to get out in the garden.