The publication of Héctor Herrera excited the fans of Xolos.

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The Mexican national team surprised the Tijuana fans with a photo with the Xolos shirt in a presentation.

With the transfer window open, all actions can be interpreted as indications of a team change, especially if the players collaborate with messages or photos. For that reason, the name of Héctor Herrera circulated very closely with the Xolos of Tijuana for a possible transfer.

Due to a publication made by the border institution itself, the Xolos fans were delighted with the signing of Héctor Herrera, the Atlético de Madrid footballer who is currently in the United States playing the Concacaf Gold Cup.

The reason is a photograph in which "HH" is seen holding Xolos' shirt. Still, the illusion was made even more remarkable by visiting the number 16 on the back and with his name written, fully replicating a large number of players announcing their arrival to a new team in this way.

Because the official Xolos made the publication account on Instagram, there were no doubts about the originality of the image, one that surprised locals and strangers because there were no previous rumors.

The photograph was accompanied by a text explaining why "HH" posed with the Tijuana shirt: "You look super dogs, those colors Héctor Herrera, we are waiting for you soon in Tijuana What a detail captain, Jonathan Orozco !".

It was the goalkeeper of Xolos, who is also called up by the Mexican team, who gave him the personalized clothing. But it was the 35-year-old goalkeeper who took the photo himself, which he shared on his Instagram a few minutes ago.

"From Rosarito to the world. My compaye Héctor Herrera always supporting the Xolaje", wrote Jonathan Orozco in his account of Instagram next to the image, since both are concentrated with the Mexican team for the Gold Cup. Moreover, the relationship unites them with Baja California, the state where the Xolos from Tijuana.

Why does Héctor Herrera support the Xolos of Tijuana?

Jonathan Orozco explained the reason in the publication since Héctor Herrera was born in Rosarito, a small municipality adjacent to Tijuana in Baja California, where the now Atlético de Madrid footballer lived the first years of his life.

Due to this relationship, "Jona" decided to give him the shirt with his name on the back to show him proudly his roots in Baja California, where the Xolos play home every 15 days.

Héctor Herrera debuted in the first division with the "Tuzos" of Pachuca after belonging to youth teams of the same club; However, he was also in clubs in other locations such as Tampico Madero and CD Cuautla, before receiving his opportunity within Liga MX.

Los Xolos de Tijuana was born in 2007 when Herrera was already 17 years old, so he could never enjoy his local team while he lived in Baja, California, which is why his association with the border team was non-existent.

Currently, "HH" has a current contract with Atlético de Madrid until June 2022, so he has already entered his last year as a mattress footballer, something that could cause his departure this summer to earn some money for his transfer, since the 31 - year - old arrived as a free agent in July 2019.