The Secret Service is trying to cover up the incident involving Hunter Biden's gun - reports

The President's son's firearm was dumped in a trash can in the back of a store that was found missing, reports Politico


The US Secret Service wants to cover up a bizarre incident in which Hunter Biden's gun was dumped in a trash can in the back of a food store that was found to be missing, the Politico website reported on Thursday.

Delaware police were concerned about a firearm, a .38 pistol, which could be recovered and used in crime, the website said, adding that it had been found by a man investigating garbage for recycling. The Secret Service reportedly went to the shop where the firearm was purchased, wanting to get all the transaction records. The owner reportedly refused.

Hunter Biden is the second son of President Joe Biden. The incident reportedly took place in late October 2018, when Joe Biden was off duty and did not receive official protection from the Secret Service.

Hunter Biden was targeted by Trump supporters' efforts to dig up political corruption in the family, efforts in part that led to Trump's initial indictment. The rightwing website, The Blaze, reported on an incident that took place in October last year.

The Secret Service told Politico that they had no record of the alleged incident. Politico also reported that the Secret Service at the time was involved in the informal defense of the former vice president. The Secret Service did not comment on the allegations.

A White House spokesman told the website: "President Biden had no information, or involvement in the Secret Service's alleged role in the incident, and no one or family member was a security guard at the time."

Politico said it had received copies of records relating to the purchase of a firearm by Hunter Biden, on October 12, 2018.

"Five years earlier," says the website, "he had been discharged from the U.S. Navy after being diagnosed with cocaine, and he and his family members talked about his history of drug use.

"Sleeping on this form is a crime, though its persecution is rare."

The website also reported that the gun was dumped in the trash by Joe Biden's daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, the widow of the president's son Beau Biden, a former Delaware attorney general who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden were dating, reports Politico. Hallie Biden reportedly returned to a grocery store to find a gun, but failed.

Citing a Delaware police report, Politico said Hunter Biden said he used the gun to do the targeting. Asked if the firearm had been used in a crime, he reportedly "got very angry and asked me if I had deliberately intended it".

Asked if he had been using drugs or drinking too much, he reportedly replied: “Listen, I do not. I think you believe I would have killed myself. ”

A Politico report gives a hint of what could happen when Hunter Biden releases a much-anticipated memo next month.

The book, called Good Things, will focus on Biden's well-known struggles on drug abuse, according to Gallery Books, an article by Simon & Schuster who won the title in late 2019.

The contents of the letter were kept in secret as Hunter Biden's business dealings became a hot topic for former President Donald Trump and others during the election and his finances were being investigated by the US Department of Justice.

The marketing plans for Hunter Biden's book remain invisible. The Guardian has been told it will not sit in an interview on print articles.

Politico said neither Hallie Biden nor Hunter Biden's lawyer responded to requests for comment.