The secrets of the "new Messi" and the need to feel loved.


2021 is a milestone in his career and his relationship with Argentina. It was the year in which he finally achieved unanimity in his country. And, after the pain caused by his departure from Barcelona ​​to Paris, he felt supported by the public and his new teammates.

Life always went by at full speed. Although now it seems to walk even faster. In the world of graphics, it is often said that there is nothing older than yesterday's newspaper. It was old until the phrase. Today a post reaches the earth in thousandths of a second. Thus, Messi's tears were long gone. He cried and more than one, even without ever having seen him up close, felt his eyes twinkle like Leo's. It is not a slogan that there is a new Messi. It is not only discovered with a full smile in Paris. He was already seen released after winning the Copa América. Winning with the National Team not only took away a pressure that resembled walking with cobblestone on your shoulders. After the release of anguish in the Maracana, he allowed himself to enjoy the people's affection.

2021 is a milestone in his career and his relationship with Argentina. It was the year in which he finally achieved unanimity. No more questioning fans and crouching critics. Is there any anti-Messi left? Not to mention the boys, or the young people, who were always messy. Thus, Leo allowed himself to show the privacy of his vacation without guilt or shame. Moreover, people close to the crack that PSG will now enjoy, Messi even intimately regretted having the flight to Miami so fast. He would have liked to spend a few more days in the country to feel all the fan's love.

It is all-new, then, within the new Messi. One is more mature even to speak and more relaxed. He always enjoyed his location in Barcelona. It was growing in every way. In size, when he reached 13 years old. And status. Inside the club, he became the heir to Ronaldinho, someone who quickly integrated him into the group. Neighbors at that time, the Brazilian put Leo on horseback in his first goal. He showed the world who the heir was. But, the change was also outside. He left the simple apartment a few blocks from the stadium to go to the beautiful Castelldefels. Now, with the betrayal of Laporta, whom he went to vote for, on the 10th, he felt a shock.

It was not that Barsa stopped loving him, but it was that whoever made the decisions did not do everything possible in the eyes of Messi. It was evident in his words at the farewell conference. And in the short but forceful message from Jorge, his father, before embarking for Paris, Jorge himself resumed talks with PSG once Barcelona blanked him out that there would be no more Messi. The French have loved the Argentine star for four years. They had repeated the wish after the famous burofax. And now they activated everything at a thousand kilometers per hour. So Leo also felt loved again. But, beyond the impact, he quickly let himself be loved. Paris pampered him. It impacted him to see the fans in the street, near the Eiffel Tower, a few hours after the cold Barsa announcement - of just 13 lines - to say goodbye to him.

Messi had never received a city like this. The stars are used to the changes of country, presentations, new jersey, and a little game in a stadium where they used to be visitors. Leo no. He had ovations every fortnight in Barcelona, ​​obeisances in all parts of the world. Not a hotel-like home - 500 meters from the Arc de Triomphe - and hundreds of people downstairs shouting in another language and waiting for a greeting. The revolution was by transference. The first, although a couple of months ago he turned 34 years old. It would not have been the same even in his farewell in Spain. Fans on motorcycles running it, journalists from all over the world, presentation of the new teammates, the new DT.

The combo completes it that he does not go alone like the first time he came to the silent test in Barcelona. There he was with his dad. Zero cameras. Now each movement is registered by thousands of people and has the personal brand of the people who generate the content of the PSG networks, who work hard to connect with young people from the different platforms. Fundamentally, Leo goes with his children. It costs Thiago a little more because he is the greatest. Likewise, he, Mateo, and Ciro kick in the Park of the Princes as if it were the back of their house. All this love moved Messi. It was funny when they took him waving from a truck, and then he asked himself: "Uh, you can't see anything from the outside, right?".

Although they are super recognized footballers, they always enjoy each other's love. The players are still artists who enjoy applause on a court. Leo said he wanted a last standing ovation from the people of Barcelona. Maradona himself needed to feel loved, important. He needed to feel Maradona. And during these days -or in the last month if he joins the National Team- Messi felt Messi again. From the bench of his companions, who asked him to join the Galacticos de Paris. Of the personal and public welcome.

Neymar was one of the first to go out to show his happiness. He had no problem giving his number 10 to Leo. Already when he had arrived in Barcelona, ​​when more than one could believe that he was going for Messi's crown, Ney the first thing he declared was, "I come to learn from the best player in the world." Messi refused and chose 30, his first number in professional football. It is much more than marketing: it knows yourself important without diminishing the relevance of the other. Self Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid face that was against Ronaldo, offered his virtual hug. Not to mention the love of the PSG owners, who gave themselves the pleasure of having Leo with the brand they bought in 2011. And the heat of the people, spicier than in Barcelona. There were no hot mobilizations because they were the best player in history. Maybe they still haven't come out of the shock. Messi was able to get out of the blow that paralyzed him and is happy again. Everyone likes to be loved ...