The shocking $ 124 billion divorce from Bill and Melinda Gates


The couple married in Hawaii in 1994, and there is no known prenuptial agreement, so they will have to distribute their assets in the division of assets. What will happen to the jewel of your real estate: the Xanadú 2.0 mansion in Washington.

There is no next step for Bill and Melinda Gates. On May 4, the most powerful couple in the world revealed that they are getting divorced after 27 years. "We no longer believe that we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives," the 65-year-old Microsoft co-founder said in a statement posted on Twitter.

The court documents obtained by the American magazine People show that Melinda was the one who requested the divorce and declared in the petition that her marriage was "irretrievably broken ." On the day of his divorce announcement, the tech billionaire transferred more than $ 3 billion in stock to his now-ex-wife.

According to Forbes, Gates is the fourth richest person in the world (the magazine estimates a lower estimate of $ 130 billion), second only to Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bernard Arnault and family (LVMH), and Elon Musk (Tesla ). Melinda and Bill Gates run one of the largest philanthropic organizations on the planet. He has donated more than $ 50 billion to support health care, education, gender equality, and efforts to combat climate change with his foundation.

While it is unclear if they signed a prenuptial agreement before they were married in 1994, court documents show that Bill and Melinda, 56, have a separation agreement in place, which according to the American press, describes how their huge will be divided. $ 124 billion fortune. In addition to stocks, trusts, and sports cars, the philanthropists have an impressive portfolio of real estate worth nearly $ 170 million, as well as an extensive art collection, valued at $ 130 million, including priceless pieces such as "The Leicester Codex," A compilation of texts and drawings made by Leonardo Da Vinci and collected between 1508 and 1510.

"The notebook is one of 32 Leonardo da Vinci diaries that still survive," Gates wrote on his blog last year. "And the only one that is not in a European museum."

Gates was named in 1985 one of the 50 most coveted singles in the world. However, a few months after the publication of that list, the Microsoft founder knew Melinda Ann French, whom he married on New Year's Day in Hawaii in 1994, at which point she took the last name of her famous husband. Their separation will directly affect his multi-million dollar estate, but not the businessman's real estate gem.

Just in that same year in which the tycoon pronounced "yes, I want to" concluded the great renovation of his main mansion in Medina, Washington. Gates bought a piece of land in 1988. He wanted to build his gigantic home, a technological mega-mansion in which he invested USD 63 million and is currently valued between 130 and 150 million dollars.

It's so impressive that it even has its own name, Xanadú 2.0, and a Wikipedia page. It's a house that is created for the full taste of the entrepreneur from start to finish. It has 6,200 square meters, and half a million 500-year-old wooden boards were used for its construction. A total of 300 workers worked in the construction, 100 of whom were electricians so that the mansion was also a technology center.

At such a level is the use of technology in the home that each guest can change the art on their walls with a device that is given to them when entering the house. With it, you can also calibrate the temperature of the environments in which they are.

The mansion is ultra-protected throughout its perimeter thanks to the high vegetation and, of course, to the advanced technology deployed throughout the home, which facilitates the lives of its guests and exerts its omnipresent power to turn the house into an unbreakable bunker. It took the couple seven years to leave her as they dreamed of her.

The mogul, his wife, and their three children - Jennifer Katharine (25), Rory John (21), and Phoebe Adele (18) - have lived comfortably in a true luxury resort for 27 years.

The property has seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a cinema room for 20 people, a lounge that can accommodate 200 people, a library (which houses Leonardo Da Vinci's manuscript) with a domed ceiling, a pool with a music system. Underwater, with a gym, dining room over 90 square meters, and a garage for 23 cars.

The most relevant characteristic of the house is that the entrance to the house is through an underground tunnel since the mansion is buried in the earth to regulate the temperature sustainably. Gates was obsessed with being an eco-efficient place.

No one knows if the couple has already divided their assets and what terms one of the most successful marriages will end. And a question flies overhead: who will get Xanadu 2.0?

In April 2020, amid a pandemic, Bill and Melinda Gates continued managing their various projects and adding new additions to their already astronomical real estate assets. 

So he decided to buy the most expensive mansion in San Diego, California, for just over $43 million. This special del Mar is a wonderful summer home in the city, the work of architect Ken Ronchetti and it was completed in 1999.