The shooting at the Banda Tierra Sagrada concert ended with the death of one person.


César Navarro and Arturo Valdez shared the unfortunate event that occurred in the US on their social networks.

The vocalist of the Banda Tierra Santa, César Navarro, shared through his social networks that after his show in Indianapolis, Indiana, there was a shooting where several people were injured, and one of them died.

According to the stories that Navarro shared on his personal Instagram account, with only 20 minutes to finish his presentation, two people in an alleged state of drunkenness began to fight inside the premises, and later the detonations began.

We had 20 minutes to finish the batch ... first a lawsuit, and then they fired.

Faced with the fight, which they realized, Tierra Sagrada decided to end its presentation to safeguard the health and life of the attendees. Fortunately, all the members of the group were unharmed.

"It is miserable that this type of thing happens in events. The truth does not leave anything pleasant for anyone and less for the person who lost his life there. There are many things to take care of ourselves, and one of those is ourselves," he said. Arturo Valdez, leader and trumpeter of the group.

Banda Tierra Sagrada is originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, after bearing the name of Banda Tierra Santa , in 2013 it released the album El Último Button .

Tierra Sagrada collaborated with Colmillo Norteño, and they recorded the song El Bueno y El Malo composed by the trumpeter Arturo Valdez, which managed to prostrate itself within the Top 20 of the LATINO monitor.

In July 2013, Leo Ibarría left the group individually to start a new project. He was replaced by Pancho Uresti, formerly of Banda Tierra de Venados.

In November of that same year, the band released De Lo Bueno, Lo Mejor, which is composed of 12 songs, which include: The Good and the Bad, Anesthetized, Te Sobra, Me Quede Picado, El Mejor, El Bueno and the Bad and Before the End of the World.

In October 2014, César Navarro joined the band. His presentation was given at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City at the Ke-Buena Radio Party event.

Tierra Sagrada has managed to position itself as "Los Reyes de Yotube in the Mexican regional genre thanks to the success of its videos, whose reproductions range between 50 and 90 million views. The group achieved its success, with the help of Remex Music, with the song El Bueno y El Malo, also opening the doors of the United States to them.

Since its inception, the Mazatlan group has sought to position itself in the first numbers, either with its songs or in collaboration with other artists, a formula that has worked for it throughout its career as well as has tried to reach more audiences because according to Navarro, they have planned to compose a song dedicated to the gay community.

"We are open to everyone. We want to make a song, especially compose a song for them so that they can enjoy it in Terra Sagrada dance because we have a lot of people who follow us, a lot of gay audiences, gay friends," Navarro commented for the Acceso program Grupero.