The story behind the talk that Lionel Messi and Neymar had at the end of the Copa América final.


Leandro Paredes revealed details of the match between the top figures of Brazil and Argentina in the dressing room tunnel of the Maracanã Stadium.

When Barça signed Neymar in that European summer of 2013, everyone wondered if his emerging figure would be able to live with a Lionel Messi who was already the best on the planet. The doubt was short-lived. They have formed a great friendship, to the point that the Brazilian attacker thought of returning to Catalonia in his dark days at Paris Saint Germain. Their relationship is still ongoing, and they made it clear after the Copa América final: both had a chat in the changing room tunnel of the Maracana Stadium.

The top figures from Brazil and Argentina were photographed in their cheerful talk after the duel that defined the Albiceleste team as the continent's champion, the first title of a Messi who cried with joy on the pitch. Neymar also shed some tears, although of sadness. They then met to exchange T-shirts and dialogue about which little was known until details were known.

Leandro Paredes, a teammate of La Pulga in the National Team, and Ney in PSG, the luxury spectator in this match. The footballer who emerged in Boca Juniors witnessed the meeting and told the step-by-step in dialogue with TyC Sports.

"With Neymar, we had arranged to change the shirt, and when the game ended, we couldn't do it. I was in the field celebrating, and I went to get the phone to talk to my family. I had a message from him saying that he was waiting for me outside," Paredes revealed.

Once he met the Brazilian star in the changing room tunnel, Leo Messi joined in to have a moment alone with his former teammate at FC Barcelona. A random chat arose in which little was said about the 1-0 that Argentina had given Brazil minutes before.

"The truth is that we did not talk about the final; we talked about how we were, how the family was, what we were going to do now on vacation that everything was over, what we had done these 45 days. So I think it was more of something other than the final itself", clarified the midfielder who passed through AS Roma and Zenit.

Leandro Paredes also explained that he feels privileged to share a dressing room with two of the best footballers in the world, both in Paris Saint Germain and in the Argentine National Team. Of both, it stands out that they are very humble people beyond being significant sports figures.

"I can only say positive things about both of them. In that talk, you realize the kind of person the two of them are. Beyond the stars they are, the humility they have, sit down after such an important final, and talk about other things. The humility that gives you is incredible, "he commented.