The supreme Court's unanimous decision, the people with the temporary status

Judge Elena Kagan wrote for the court that a federal immigration law that prohibits people who have come into the country illegally


Temporary protected to seek the status of a "green card" or permanent residence in the country.On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the thousands of people who live in the united states on humanitarian grounds, are not eligible to apply for permanent resident status.

Judge Elena Kagan wrote for the court that a federal immigration law that prohibits people who have come into the country illegally, and now has temporary protected status, that the search for the green card to stay in the country permanently.

This term also applies to people who come from other countries devastated by war or disaster. It will protect you from deportation and allows you to work legally. 400 000 people in 12 different countries with TPS status.

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Conclusion: in the case of a couple from El Salvador, who was in the united states in the early 1990s, is that the question of whether or not the people who come into the country illegally been given humanitarian protection, which is not the" way " of the united states, according to the immigration law.

Kagan wrote that there was no one. "OUR program allows foreign nationals of non-immigrant status), but don't allow them to do so. Therefore, mastering the TPS is illegal for applicants to Czech to al-schools.... suitable for a green card, he wrote.

Of the house of representatives has already passed a bill that will allow the purchaser of ITS residents has to be, Kagan noted. The bill faces an uncertain outlook in the Senate.

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The question is asked, the Biden administration toward immigrant groups, who argued that many of the people who came from the united states for humanitarian reasons, have lived in the country for many years, gave birth to American citizens, and to put down roots in the united states.

In 2001, the united states granted to the Salvadoran migrants ' legal protections in order to stay in the united states, after a series of earthquakes, such as their country of origin.

The people, who are 11 and in other countries, will be protected. To: Haiti, Honduras, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, nigeria, Somalia, south Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, viet nam and Yemen.

Monday's decision does not affect immigrants with TPS, which in the united states law, and then, for example, has stayed their visas, " said Kagan. Since these people were legally accepted in this country, it is a humanitarian defense, the stakes for the residents to be the case.