The United States CDC refused to require a negative test for asymptomatic COVID patients


The United States CDC refused to require a negative test for asymptomatic COVID patients to end their isolation after five days.

The body did not accept the suggestion of health experts. Still, it stressed that those infected should use the mask for at least ten days since otherwise, they can transmit the virus to other people.

Despite pressure from advocating physicians, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains its line that A negative coronavirus test is not required to discharge people who do not have a fever and whose symptoms have improved within five days of testing positive for coronavirus.

Those who contracted the virus can end their isolation after five days while wearing a mask permanently for an additional five days.

The CDC did include additional information for people who want to have a test before ending the isolation, but without stating any obligations.

According to the new guidance, the agency recommends that if a person has access to a test and wants to do it, they should have an antigen test toward the end of their isolation period.

If the test result is positive, an infected person should continue to isolate until day 10. If the test result is negative, the person can terminate the isolation.

According to the CDC, studies suggested that a small percentage of people (between 25% and 30%) were isolated for a full ten days: “Isolation and quarantine are challenging, especially in the context that many infections are asymptomatic,” Says the agency.

Nevertheless, The agency did emphasize the importance of using masks, as studies showed that about 30% of people are still infected five days after receiving a positive test.

Record of infections and new measures

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States registered a daily record of 1,082,549 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, with figures that probably include accumulated points from the year-end holiday period. The daily average of 7 days of infections is around 500,000 daily.

The CDC reduced the number of days a person who tests positive for COVID must stay home from 10 to 5 days, followed by another five days of wearing a mask.

That move prompted public health experts to urge the agency to demand a negative rapid test to end the isolation.

The Biden administration has implemented a plan to deliver tests nationwide, comparing 500 million COVID test kits to take at home and shipping them by mail. Deliveries should start this month.