The United States condemned the arrest of the Venezuelan opposition leader Freddy Guevara


The United States condemned the arrest of the Venezuelan opposition leader Freddy Guevara and the threats against Juan Guaidó.

We strongly condemn Venezuelan Congressman Freddie Guevara's arrest, and the harassment of Venezuelan President Juan Guaido, White House official Julie Chung said on her Twitter account.

The United States condemned the arrest of Venezuelan opposition leader Freddy Guevara by the Nicolás Maduro regime. This event occurred almost simultaneously with the attempted arrest of interim President Juan Guaidó.

Guevara was detained while traveling on a Caracas highway. Before being lowered from the vehicle, the opposition politician recorded a video.

"I decided to stay in my country despite all these problems and the possibility that they would arrest me again knowing that we are in a dictatorial regime," said the politician during the live broadcast, just when a police officer was heard playing. Then, the glass of the truck to be lowered.

And before the transmission was cut off, he added: "I tell all of you that I am going to move on, that no matter how much the regime represses, I still believe that the way is to get the agreement of national salvation, and it can be contradictory. This person should react to what he thinks at that moment.

Guevara, who was a deputy of the Parliament presided over by Guaidó and who has already been detained in the past, was transferred to the headquarters of the intelligence services, according to Guaidó's office.

The OAS Secretary-General, Luis Almagro, held the Chavista dictatorship responsible for Guevara's well-being.

"We demand his immediate release and that the crimes against humanity in Venezuela stop now, "Almagro wrote on his Twitter account.

Following his arrest, the Iván Duque government denied the fact: the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects the arbitrary detention of the leader of the Popular Will.

Freddy Guevara, by the Nicolás Maduro regime. We demand guarantees for his life and his immediate freedom".

Similarly, the government rejects harassment against the interim president, Juan Guaida, and his close associates.

The international community must demand that these arbitrary acts cease and all political prisoners are released. Our solidarity with Venezuela!. 

Andrés Allamand, Foreign Minister of Chile, also spoke out on social networks in rejection of the new onslaught of the Venezuelan dictatorship: "The Government of Chile strongly condemns the arbitrary detention of Freddy Guevara and the acts of intimidation against Juan Guaidó."

We demand the immediate release of Guevara from the Maduro government; we reiterate our demand for the release of all Venezuelan political prisoners and an end to the persecution of opposition leaders in this country," the Chilean diplomat said. 

Meanwhile, the Government of Jair Bolsonaro "vehemently" rejected the arrest of former Venezuelan opposition deputy Freddy Guevara and the acts of "intimidation" against Juan Guaidó, whom Brazil, along with other countries, recognize as interim president of Venezuela.

The Brazilian government has vehemently denied threats by Venezuelan incumbent Juan Gadda and other democratic leaders by Nicolas Maduro's security forces.

The Brazilian government has strongly denied threats by Venezuelan incumbent Juan Gadda and other democratic leaders by Nicolas Maduro's security forces.

According to the statement released by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, what happened today "casts doubt" that Maduro wants to establish a dialogue with "the Venezuelan democratic forces" with a view to "free and transparent" elections in the country.

"The Brazilian government continues to support a peaceful, constitutional and Venezuela-led solution to put an end to the serious crisis facing the neighboring country," the note said.

He concludes, however, that there appears to be a renewed effort by the government to move beyond negotiations to promote a democratic transition in the country.

In the same vein, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru condemned the arbitrary detention of former deputy Freddy Guevara and the harassment actions against the opposition leader Juan Guaidó in Venezuela because it considers that they "erode the possibilities of dialogue between Venezuelans" to resolve the political crisis through free and democratic elections.

Through its Twitter account, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry added that "unrestricted respect" for human rights and "the restoration of political freedoms" are necessary conditions for a process promoted by Venezuelans themselves to achieve a peaceful and constitutional solution. To the crisis, with the support of the international community.

For its part, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern "over preliminary reports that account for operations by security forces to arrest Freddy Guevara. In turn, they would seek to intimidate Juan Guaidó".

The IACHR demanded that the Venezuelan dictatorship "respect the rights to life, personal integrity, and judicial guarantees through due process, recalling that Freddy Guevara and Juan Guaidó, as well as their family nucleus, are beneficiaries. Of precautionary measures."

At the same time that Guevara was being detained, hooded men with long guns entered Juan Guaidó's house.

"Fae officials are at my house; they entered my residences. Maduro's regime wants to arrest President Juan Guaidó, "denounced the wife of the interim president on her Twitter account.

"We denounce to Venezuela and the world that henchmen of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro have besieged and taken the residence of President Juan Guaidó," the opposition denounced on its Twitter account.

The opposition denounced the new repressive escalation by the Chavista regime against Guaidó and other politicians to the international community.