The United States has already donated 110 million vaccines against Covid 19.


The White House warned that this stage of sending doses to the whole world is "only the beginning," while President Joe Biden seeks to counteract the increase in cases due to the delta variant.

Tuesday, the United States said it had donated more than 110 million doses of covid vaccines worldwide, as President Joe Biden seeks to counter the surge in delta cases.

The announcement, which follows Biden's belated achievement of delivering at least one dose of the vaccine to 70% of the adult population by July 4, marks "only the beginning" of US efforts to help the world fight COVID-19, the White House said.

In a speech at the White House, Biden affirmed that the US had donated more than 110 million doses to 65 countries, which, according to the United Nations, "is more than all the 24 countries together that donate any vaccine to others have donated. countries, including China and Russia", assured the president.

Biden affirmed that the United States is committed to providing the world with an "arsenal of vaccines" in the war against COVID-19 and opined that the donations registered so far demonstrate that democracies can "give results" in the face of "autocracies" such as that of China.

The coronavirus has killed at least 4.2 million people since its appearance in Wuhan at the end of 2019, and the United States, with more than 613,000 deaths, is the nation in the world with the most fatalities.

Vaccine availability has caused the daily number of new cases to drop dramatically in many countries in recent months. Still, the highly contagious Delta variant has been driving the rise in infections.

To date, the United States has shipped 111,701,000 doses to more than 60 countries, mostly through the World Health Organization-sponsored International Quakes initiative and the African Union or Caribbean (Caribbean Community). Such as with the cooperation of partners.

The White House said that according to the United Nations, this is more than the donations of all other countries and reflects the generosity of the American spirit.

According to the published list of countries, which includes 16 Latin Americans, the primary beneficiaries have been Indonesia (8 million doses), the Philippines and Colombia (6 million doses or more), and Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and South Africa (5 million or more ).

In Latin America, in addition to Colombia, Guatemala (4.5 million), Mexico (4.04), Argentina (3.5), Brazil, El Salvador and Honduras (3 million each), Paraguay, Peru, and Ecuador received doses (2 million each), Bolivia (1,008 million) and Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Uruguay (with 500,000 or more each).

And the Biden administration said that starting in late August, it will begin shipping the 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine that it pledged to donate to 100 developing countries.

The White House insisted that the United States does not use vaccines against COVID-19 to win the rights of other countries. China and Russia have been accused of engaging in so-called "vaccine diplomacy."

Disney, Google, Facebook

Biden highlighted recent vaccination mandates imposed by US companies on their employees, a growing trend, as well as the intense effort by local authorities to combat the pandemic, a government official said.

Entertainment and tech giants like Disney, Google, and Facebook have said they will force their staff vaccinated.

Meanwhile, New York announced Tuesday that it would require proof of vaccination for those who attend closed venues like restaurants, gyms, and shows, making it the first major city in the United States to introduce a vaccination pass.

The Democratic president seeks to retake the reins of the fight against COVID-19 after a tough week in which the country's highest health authority took a turn in its policy, recommending that vaccinated people use a mask in closed places again in areas of high covid transmission.

The White House has also come under fire, this time from the left of the Democratic field, for not anticipating the expiration of a moratorium on rent evictions on Saturday. As a result, millions of Americans could be left homeless amid the resurgence of the pandemic.