The United States has vetoed the entry into the country of a Paraguayan official accused of drug trafficking.


According to the Washington Post, Ulises Quintana took part in operations that facilitated international organized crime, undermined the rule of law, and undermined public confidence in Paraguay's public action.

The State Department issued a statement announcing Ulises Quintana's approval, Paraguay's deputy for the Republican National Association - Concordia Colorado Party - for her involvement in significant corruption.

According to the United States, during his tenure as a representative, Quintana participated in activities that "facilitated international organized crime, undermined the rule of law, and undermined public confidence in public action in Paraguay.

He also confirmed Quintana's wife, Beatriz Esperanza Fariña Velausteguiz, which indicates that not the deputy nor his wife will be authorized to enter the United States, nor will they be able to use their money in the North American country. 

Quintana's response was immediate, and Elías Fox it was his lawyer, who maintained that the approval was "part of a persecution," in the Alto Paraná department Already a candidate, since Quintana is a former nominee for mayor of Ciudad del Este.

According to Fox, the U.S. announcement is premature, and the State Department has stepped up its review, ABC Color reported.

On the contrary, he assured Washington that the "appointment reaffirms the United States' commitment to the fight against corruption in Paraguay, the tri-border region, and around the world.

The approval comes after Quintana's alleged links to alleged drug trafficker Reinaldo Cabaña Santacruz, also known as 'Cucho,' became public.

In fact, he was double detained for the alleged association in November 2020. However, he recovered his position in the Chamber of Deputies. 

One of the critical points is Paraguay's central relationship with Triple Border Brazil, in the Ciudad del Est e, a joint operation by Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, and a hub for operations for drug trafficking and money laundering groups.

Quintana was arrested in a 2018 anti-drug operation in the same city that charged 31 people, including Cabaña, a financial agent, and eight police officers.

Quintana was accused of being a drug trafficking accomplice when he confessed to talking to Cabañas on the phone while he was trying to intercede for a close friend detained on a roadblock. Said in which he hid in the car was $190,000.

The lawmaker admitted that Cabañas had lent him several vehicles to use in his election campaign ahead of the April 2018 general election. He participated as a deputy candidate from his political base in Ciudad del Este.

Quintana was held in a military jail on the outskirts of Asunción and returned to his seat after an appeals court revoked his preventive detention in November 2020.

The deputy, who later told the media that he was the victim of a political operation, was arrested until the arrest of Mario Abdo Benítez, Paraguayan president. 

And after his independence, he joined the second sector, led by retired President Horacio Cartes.