The United States has warned that women and girls deported from Afghanistan must be forced into marriage before fleeing.


The United States has warned that women and girls deported from Afghanistan must be forced into marriage before fleeing.

American diplomats in the United Arab Emirates were the first to notice this situation. The victims' families are believed to have forced them into marriage outside the Kabul airport.

US officials in charge of registering Afghan refugees arriving in the country have warned that there have been incidents of forced marriages that have affected affected women and girls who have been deported from Afghanistan.

According to sources close to the matter, such an incident - the scope of which is still unknown - may have occurred out of fear of remaining in the country under Taliban control. As reported by the CNN television network, the authorities would have noticed these marriages once the Afghan women were in transit.

As such, the first alarm bell rangers were US diplomats in the United Arab Emirates. Documents sent by him show that some of the women and girls detained at the country's evacuation centers reported that their families had forced them to marry outside Kabul airport in order for the Taliban to leave. After leaving, they fled the country. What happened to the Afghan capital?

In some cases, families paid thousands of dollars to men who could have been evacuated for cooperating with US troops during the attack.

The sources consulted have indicated that the State Department and the Department of National Security and Defense have set up a mechanism to identify possible victims of human trafficking.

The US government relies on third countries that have fled as a transit point for Afghans and eventually want to reach the US or other countries. Once on American soil, refugees are transferred from military bases to temporary accommodation.

On Thursday, dozens of women demonstrated in the Afghan city of Herat, demanding that the Taliban not take the side of all the male government in an unprecedented protest in the town since taking control of Kabul on May 15. August.

The Taliban have promised that women will not be deprived of their rights during the last phase of the so-called Islamic Emirate, or at least in 2001, will not back down from their insignificance. However, they have made it clear that the 'sharia' or Islamic law will be the red line they will take into account. As a result, the protests led by women have moved this Friday to Kabul, where they have taken to the streets to fight for their rights.