The United States is studying creating a "red telephone" with China


The United States is studying creating a "red telephone" with China similar to the one used with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The Joe Biden administration intends to establish a direct line with the Xi Jinping regime to allow both of them to have more fluid communication to reduce the risk of bilateral conflict.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is studying the possibility of establishing a direct emergency line with China, similar to the so-called "red telephone" established between the North American and Soviet Union during the Cold War, which allowed direct communication with the United States. Kremlin as a way to avoid a nuclear war.

Although the idea is still a project and has not yet been formally raised with China, Biden wants to develop a rapid communication tool to reduce the risk of conflict between the United States and the Xi Jinping administration, CNN reported Thursday.

The chain, which cites as a source people related to conversations about the device, says that a direct line to Beijing would allow Biden, or senior officials on his national security team, to immediately make phone calls or send encrypted messages to President Xi. Jinping or his closest associates.

For example, urgent information about sudden military movements or warning messages sent about cyberattacks could be shared.

The idea of ​​establishing a direct line with Beijing dates back at least to the Barack Obama administration. However, the concept was not embodied in a classified national security memorandum until the final year of the Trump administration, according to a source familiar with it. Adds the American medium.

Officials in the Biden administration have pursued the idea, the sources said. Still, numerous details remain to be worked out, including whether the Chinese agree to the device's installation.

The US has long had trouble getting quick responses from Beijing when it comes to urgent matters. US officials told CNN, so this system would improve communications in this regard.

The chain points out that there is already a similar direct line between the Chinese authorities and the Pentagon. Although it should be used exclusively for military matters, it is rarely used for any subject.