The United States once again exceeded 100,000 hospitalized by COVID-19


The United States once again exceeded 100,000 hospitalized by COVID-19 and peaked occupancy in intensive care units.

There are more than 25,000 patients in ICUs, the highest number in the pandemic so far. The number of pediatric hospitalizations also grew, with more than 2,100 minors admitted.

Once again, the United States exceeded the threshold of 100,000 hospitalized for COVID-19, a figure not seen since the peak of winter cases at the beginning of the year, when vaccines were not yet widely available. The delta variant did not break into the country.

Florida remains one of the epicenters of the wave of infections and reports more than 17,000 patients hospitalized for coronavirus, followed by Texas, with 14,000. Both states have vaccination rates below the national average, around 52% of the population with the entire program of one or two injections, depending on the vaccine.

According to the Department of Health data, the hospitalizations are about to be doubled just in August so far, since the month began with 53,000 inpatients. Also, the daily average of new infections is close to an increase of 100% since it went from 79,942 infections to more than 150,000 reported positives in just over three weeks.

Other states in the south of the country, such as Alabama and Arkansas, have warned that they no longer have more attention capacity in intensive care areas.

"In the country of excess free vaccines, this is the dark day when we crossed the line of more than 100,000 hospitalizations, more than 25,000 patients in the ICU (the highest in the pandemic), more than 1,300 deaths, and more than 186,000 new cases, "lamented the renowned physician Eric Topol on Twitter.

Other figures that have grown enormously in the last week are pediatric hospitalizations, with more than 2,100 minors hospitalized, amid the debate over the use of masks in schools. Several Republican leaders remain firm in their positions to prevent compulsory education in schools, appealing to the freedom of each parent to decide about their children.

While the rate of new daily infections is the highest since January and more and more hospitals are on the verge of collapse due to lack of intensive care beds, deaths from COVID remain considerably lower than in the winter wave, an effect that experts attribute to vaccines.

Authorities expect vaccination rates to increase significantly after Pfizer's formula has received full clearance from the FDA. Following the decision, which increases the emergency permit previously granted, numerous companies and organizations began to require vaccination of their employees.