The United States To Buy 200 Million Pfizer Vaccines Against COVD-19 For Future Needs.


The additional doses requested by the Joe Biden government will be administered between the end of this year and the beginning of next.

The United States government will purchase an additional 200 million doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine to prepare for future needs, such as booster shots and the eventual vaccination of children under 12 years of age.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Joe Biden's administration wants to have "maximum flexibility" to cope with changing conditions and that "it will prepare for any contingency."

The additional doses will be administered between the end of this year and the beginning of next.

It is unclear whether booster vaccines will be needed for fully vaccinated people. Still, postvaccine infections attributed to the delta variant have sparked debate. Most of the new coronavirus cases in vaccinated people have been mild or asymptomatic.

Also, it is not yet clear whether the corona virus vaccine will be approved for young children.


The United States will donate 3.5 million modern vaccines against COVID 19 to Colombia. The United States continues to stand by Colombia's side in its response to the pandemic," said the US embassy in Bogotá through its Twitter account.

He added: "The new donation of 3.5 million modern immunizations will make immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela more vulnerable.

The Colombian Ministry of Health reported 12,576 new cases of coronavirus and another 354 deaths on Thursday,  bringing the country to  4,692,570 infections and 117,836 deaths from COVID-19.

Yesterday's figures are slightly higher than those reported on Wednesday. This day had 11,244 cases and 351 deaths, but much lower than those of June and May, where claims exceeded 30,000 and deaths 600.

In total, 112,463 cases remain active in the country, which corresponds to 2.39%.

Regarding the progress of the National Vaccination Plan, the health authority reported that  24,230,595 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 have been applied in the country and that 10,707,744 people already have the complete scheme (21.27 % of the population).


Bogotá continues to be the main focus of the disease. During the day, it had 3,460 new cases, followed by the departments of Valle del Cauca (2,141), Antioquia (1,798), Cundinamarca (751), Bolívar (453), Atlántico (428) and Santander (334).

With the data from the end of this week, the regions with the highest number of infections continue to be Bogotá (1,389,729), Antioquia (700,164), Valle del Cauca (373,269), Atlántico (304,095), and Cundinamarca (251,538).

Of the deaths of the day, of which 316 correspond to previous days,  the highest figure was in Bogotá with 62, followed by the departments of Valle del Cauca (58), Antioquia (36), Tolima (24), Santander ( 17), Cundinamarca (15), and Bolívar and Huila (14).