The United States will donate 750,000 doses of vaccines to Taiwan to help it face the siege of the Chinese regime.


The island nation has struggled to buy COVID formulas due to pressure from Beijing, so its vaccination rate is less than 3%, and it faces a peak in daily deaths.

The United States will donate 750,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine to Taiwan when the territory registers record numbers of daily deaths from the disease, with 36 deaths in the last hours.

Senator Tammy Duckworth announced during a visit to Taiwan to assess the situation of her Asian ally, an occasional point of disagreement with China, which claims its sovereignty over the territory against the independence ambitions of the local authorities.

In a statement submitted by Taiwan's state news agency, the Central News Agency (CNA), Dick Worth explained that it was important for the United States to be the first group to receive donations to Taiwan. Join in because we recognize their urgent need and value our contribution.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry has applauded this commitment, which "sends a strong and clear message of US support, and the Taiwanese government is grateful for it."

Duckworth and his fellow US senators Dan Sullivan and Chris Coons arrived at the Taipei airport on Sunday. They were received by Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu to assess the situation in the territory, which has not been able to join the international initiative of vaccination under pressure from the Chinese government. For this reason, the vaccination rate for the island's 23.6 million inhabitants is still less than 3 percent.

US President Joe Biden announced last week that his country would donate around 25 million vaccines to countries that need them, mostly through the international Covax program. The rest will go to allied nations and strategic partners. As well as countries severely affected by the pandemic. The United States wants to "maintain some flexibility" on assigning doses outside Covax's formula as needed, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan explained.

Although it does not maintain full diplomatic relations with Taiwan, Washington is the main ally of Taipei because it officially recognizes China, which considers the island an integral part of its territory.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has registered 343 cases of COVID-19, all of the national transmission, and 36 deaths from the disease in the last hours, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). A total of 260 people have died from the pandemic.

According to the organization, the national cases comprise 335 newly confirmed infections and eight from a backlog of confirmed test results over the past week.

The new cases bring the total number of diseases in Taiwan to 11,298. More than 9,900 are domestic infections reported since May 15, the first day that Taiwan began reporting more than 100 domestic cases since the outbreak began. In early 2020, largely due to the appearance of a large outbreak in religious congregations spread across the capital, Taipei and New Taipei City.