The United States will send troops to Afghanistan to evacuate personnel from the embassy in Kabul


The United States will send troops to Afghanistan to evacuate personnel from the embassy in Kabul in the wake of the Taliban's advance.

The White House also urged its citizens to leave the Asian country immediately using available commercial flight options on Thursday. The UK will also deploy soldiers to assist the evacuation of British citizens.

The Pentagon announced that it would deploy around 3,000 soldiers in Kabul to evacuate diplomatic personnel from its embassy in the Afghan capital. At the same time, the Taliban continue their offensive in the Asian country where they have already taken power in 11 cities.

The first movement will consist of three infantry battalions currently in charge of the area's central command. They will head to Hamid Karzai International Airport in the next 24 to 48 hours, "said State Department spokesman John Kirby.

For its part, the United Kingdom will temporarily deploy some 600 soldiers in Afghanistan to help British citizens leave the country, prey to the advance of the Taliban, the government announced on Thursday.

I authorized the deployment of additional military personnel to support the diplomatic presence in Kabul, to assist British nationals in leaving the country, and to support the relocation of former Afghan personnel who risked their lives to work with us. What A statement.

"We are further reducing the footprints of our citizens in Kabul in light of the emerging security situation," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

The president prioritizes the safety of Americans serving abroad, Price said of Joe Biden, who ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan nearly 20 years later.

Price clarified that the embassy would remain open in its current location and "will continue to perform priority functions" but did not deny reports that the work could be moved to Hamid Karzai International Airport.

In addition, he said, Washington would begin sending daily flights to evacuate interpreters and others who helped the United States and who feared for their lives because of the Taliban's advance.

In addition, U.S. officials on Thursday urged U.S. citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options, amid the Taliban's rapid advance, according to the website of the diplomatic mission in Kabul on Thursday. According to the notice posted on

For the Asian nation.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters captured the strategic Afghan city of Herat, Afghanistan's third-largest city, on Thursday.

The announcement left the Taliban less than 150 kilometers from Kabul in the most recent victory of their campaign to seize control of Afghan territory after the departure of US troops, which left the local government trying to stop the movement on its own. Of Islamist radicals.

"The US embassy urges US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options," said the mission notice, warning its citizens of the difficulties it faces in implementing its authority and capabilities in a territory. Increasingly hostile.

He explained that given the security situation and staff shortages, the embassy has little capacity to assist American citizens in Afghanistan, even in Kabul.

On April 27, the United States ordered government employees to leave its embassy in Kabul to carry out their work elsewhere, citing the increase in violence in the city.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said earlier this week that the embassy's official position had not changed, answering questions about whether an evacuation of the diplomatic headquarters was likely.

However, he added that Washington reviews the threat scenario for embassy staff on a daily basis.

Clashes do a lot of damage to the civilian population. At least 183 civilians were killed in Lashkar Gah, Kandahar, Herat (west) and Kunduz in one month. According to the United Nations, about 360,000 people have fled their homes since early 2021.

Many civilians have arrived in Kabul in recent days. Still traumatized by the atrocities committed by the Taliban before their eyes, they are trying to survive in refugee camps.

Twenty years after the United States began intervening to oust the Taliban after the September 11, 2001 attacks, international troops will complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan later this month.

IN RECENT DAYS, the US officials did not hide their frustration at the weakness shown by the Afghan army, which the United States has formed, finances, and equips for years.

Former President Donald Trump, whose administration negotiated the withdrawal agreement with the Taliban in 2020, blamed his successor Joe Biden for insurgents' "unacceptable" rise.