The US and France continue talks to reestablish relations after the crisis over the AUKUS.


The presidents of both nations spoke again to rebuild ties in the face of the challenges of today's world.

The presidents of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the United States, Joe Biden, held a new telephone conversation on Friday that allowed progress in restoring confidence after the bilateral crisis that erupted in September due to the sale of US submarines to Australia.

In a statement, the Elysee explained that Macron and Biden spoke of the work that is being carried out between the two countries to "guarantee trust" and "face together the current challenges, in particular the implementation of a stronger European defense. , complementary to NATO and contributing to global security".

The leaders "welcomed the good progress of these work and agreed to deepen the dialogue and cooperation between the two countries" at the meeting scheduled in Rome at the end of the month on the occasion of the G20 summit to be held there.

In addition, Macron will receive in Paris the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, who will go to the French capital to participate in the so-called Paris Forum for Peace on November 11 and an international conference on Libya on November 12.

Relations between Paris and Washington suffered a sharp deterioration when a defense agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia was announced on September 15.

The reason is that this agreement includes the sale of US nuclear submarines to Australia, which has broken a contract to purchase conventional French submarines for that.

To express his discontent, Macron even called his ambassador in Washington for consultations and simultaneously insisted that the European Union must increase its independence and sovereignty, especially in defense.

To try to smooth things over, the French president and Biden already had a telephone conversation on September 22. The latter acknowledged that he could have consulted more with France before signing the defense pact with Australia and the United Kingdom.

They then launched an "in-depth consultation process" that translates into more contacts between themselves and between members of their respective administrations.

Recently, the Secretary of State of the United States,  Antony Blinken, recognized that they should have "done better" the announcement of the AUKUS agreement with Australia and the United Kingdom and regretted "having taken for granted" the relationship with France.

"We are doing better because, following the instructions given by presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron,  what we have been doing for a few weeks now goes in-depth,  both in terms of consultation and communication, as well as coordination on the most important issues that they link our two countries," added Blinken in an interview for the France 2 chain that he carried out as part of his visit to Paris.