The US condemned the "indifference of the leaders" of the Sandinista regime that deteriorates democracy in Nicaragua.

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The United States special envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America, Ricardo Zúñiga, warned about the consequences of the current crisis.

For the United States special envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America, Ricardo Zúñiga, Nicaragua's democracy has deteriorated due to the "total indifference" of its leaders towards the institutions they must serve.

"We are witnessing in real-time an example of what happens when good governance is not a priority, Nicaragua is experiencing a deterioration caused by the total indifference of its leaders towards the institutions and which they should be serving," Zúñiga stressed when participating in a videoconference of the National Business Meeting held in Honduras.

Zúñiaga pointed out that Nicaraguan institutions "cannot hold their leaders to account."

The United States joined 70 countries, the Organization of American States (OAS), the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the European Union, to "denounce the efforts of the president (of Nicaragua, Daniel) Ortega, and the vice president ( Rosario) Murillo, to take away from Nicaraguan citizens their democratic rights in violation of Nicaragua's commitments under the Inter-American System," he highlighted.

The US representative's comments come after the wave of arrests undertaken by the Daniel Ortega regime, among whom are journalists and opposition leaders such as Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro García, and Miguel Mora.

Daniel Ortega is running for the presidency for the eighth time since his arrival in office in 2007. He is in his second stage at the country's helm, after coordinating a Governing Board from 1979 to 1985 and governing alone from 1985 to 1990.

Zúñiga said that it is "the responsibility of everyone in the region, including Nicaragua's neighbors, to respond to the breakdown of democracy, it affects all of us in the Americas."

The countries of America are going through "enormous challenges, we are facing economic disturbances, political and social interruptions in many countries, in many cases exacerbated by the pandemic," he added.

Zúñiga considers that it is also "a moment of opportunity" so that countries should use the current crisis to commit to promoting measures to improve the living conditions of the population.

Today's challenges "are historical, but it is also true that these problems have solutions if there is the political will to unite the forces of a country, overcoming divisions and committing to the success of the whole of society," said the special envoy of the Government of Joe Biden.


Nicaraguan Vice President and First Lady Rosario Murillo criticized the press for "inventing something to spread terrorism" and accused journalists of being "evil," "hypocritical," "destructive," "guilty," And accused of being a "communications terrorist."

For the defenders of Human Rights, Murillo's attacks are "a reliable demonstration" of responsible "for the state of terror" that exists in the country.

"You also have to protect yourself from those chattering magpies whose feathers are full of hatred because they ooze hatred. That's how we see them, and that's how we repudiate them," said Murillo in statements to Nicaraguan Channel 4. "Every day they invent anything to sow terror in people (...). They always want to install fear, "he warned. "And our people know how they lie. Our people know how evil they are, hypocrites, destroyers, criminals, terrorists, and communication terrorists as well", he added.

"They are spaces of mass destruction" that "have a single perspective, a single imperialist and colonialist approach and that respond to the interests and designs of the colonialists and imperialists," he continued with his accusations.