The US condemned the outlawing of six international NGOs in Nicaragua.


The State Department's Office of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor rejected the suspension of its operations. "It is not enough for the regime to imprison journalists, activists, and political opponents," he said.

The United States on Wednesday rejected the suspension of its operations in Nicaragua of six international non-profit organizations, half of them American, which were accused by the authorities of obstructing the internal controls of the Central American country.

"It is not enough that the Ortega-Murillo regime (President Daniel Ortega and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo) imprison journalists, activists, and political opponents. His latest act was to cancel the registration of six foreign organizations such as Oxfam amid accusations under repressive new laws," criticized the Office of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the United States Department of State.

The messages, sent to the media by the press office of the US embassy in Managua, are released two days after the Nicaraguan regime, through the Ministry of the Interior, canceled the records and endless numbers of US NGOs: Republican Institute International (IRI), National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), and Helping Hands The Warren William Pagel MD Foundation. In addition to the European NGOs Fundación Oxfam Intermon (Spain), Oxfam Ibis (Denmark), and Diakonia (Sweden).

Intolerance of diverse points of view

"Ortega's ban on six international organizations comes after the arrest of the editor of La Prensa (Juan Lorenzo Holmann Chamorro) and the raid on his offices, the last newspaper printed in Nicaragua. Such actions seek to silence and strengthen the control of the regime, "said Washington.

The Office of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the US Department of State indicated that the Ortega-Murillo regime of Nicaragua canceled the registration of 34 organizations since 2018, including medical organizations, which shows its intolerance to diverse points of view and priority of the raw power over the Nicaraguan people.

The National Assembly, which is controlled by the Sandinistas and at the request of the executive, has in the last three years revoked the legal status of 34 Nicaraguan NGOs, most of the medical associations that question the management and official statistics of Covid. 19 epidemics.

Nicaragua has been going through a political and social crisis since April 2018, which has worsened in the face of the general elections on November 7. For his fifth term, Ortega was the fourth in a row and the second with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murilo.