The U.S. Embassy was being evacuated as Afghanistan's president fled the country.


One of the maximum beautiful guerrilla campaigns in records reached Afghanistan’s capital on Sunday, forcing the united states’s president to escape as countries rushed troops to the airport to evacuate their citizens.

All U.S. Embassy workforce in Kabul, along with the assignment’s pinnacle diplomat, have been being evacuated to the international airport as the Taliban looming on the capital town’s gates urged the Afghan government to relinquish power on Sunday. Afghan officers showed that President Ashraf Ghani departed the u . S ..

The embassy will probably be shuttered with the aid of Tuesday, one person stated, but sure staffers will keep their work from a compound at the airport included by way of roughly five,000 U.S. Troops, who will shuttle among the embassy and the airport. Other U.S. Diplomatic officers will board flights again to domestic. CNN first suggested on the overall evacuation.

Black Hawks and Chinooks whisking staff from the task dot Kabul’s sky as residents put together for the Taliban’s takeover of the capital and united states. In one instance, a shopkeeper painted over snap shots of ladies the militants forbid.

"We are operating to make sure that our personnel are safe and secure," Secretary of State Antony Blinken instructed host Jonathan Karl on ABC's "This Week."

"We're relocating the men and women of our embassy to a place at the airport. It's why the president sent in some of forces, to make certain that as we keep to attract down our diplomatic presence we do it in a safe and orderly fashion," he said.

The Pentagon surged a further 4,000 troops to the united states of america to help with the State Department’s drawdown in latest days because the Taliban closed in on Kabul, bringing the whole military presence at the floor to double the footprint whilst Biden took office. Though Biden warned the Taliban no longer to harm Americans, officials stress that the assignment is strictly non-combat.

Roughly three,000 personnel from two Marine Corps infantry battalions and one Army infantry battalion will be joining the 1,000 American troops already on the ground at the embassy and the airport, in step with a defense legit.

Biden on Saturday also authorized Defense Secretary Austin’s recommendation that the Pentagon also ship inside the lead battalion of the 82nd Airborne Brigade Combat Team for the project — some other roughly 1,000 troops, the authentic stated. The final two battalions of the 82nd will camp out in Kuwait as “a ready reserve,” the individual delivered.

Taliban combatants stand shield inside the city of Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Taliban warring parties stand defend on Friday within the town of Ghazni, southwest of Kabul, Afghanistan. Pics despatched to POLITICO from would-be passengers show masses waiting out of doors the Kabul airport in 80-diploma heat with no clear indication of when they may board a flight. Long lines of Afghans have fashioned outdoor embassies seeking visas.

“The capital metropolis is in chaos,” the character said.

Last month, President Joe Biden advised journalists the sector wouldn’t see images paying homage to America’s rushed 1975 exit from Saigon. “The Taliban isn't always the North Vietnamese army. … There’s going to be no condition wherein you spot human beings being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the — of america from Afghanistan. It is not in any respect comparable.”


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But that’s now not all the management got incorrect. No legit or intelligence assessment predicted the Taliban to sweep throughout Afghanistan in a count of days, even though maximum stated the militants could usually take control of the usa after U.S. And NATO troops departed the united states of america.

And for months, humanitarian companies urging the administration to prioritize the evacuation of Afghans who served along American service participants during the 20-year conflict had their calls and messages unreturned. A coalition of agencies sent more than one emails, shared with POLITICO, to the Afghanistan Task Force inquiring for a meeting “to ensure as many lives are saved as viable.”

It was most effective on Saturday night that the State Department reached out to the ones corporations asking for the names of Afghan visa candidates, journalists, and human rights activists who want forthcoming relocation. Their names will now be positioned on a listing compiled with the aid of a governmentwide coordination cell.

The Kabul embassy’s consular segment also asked information on American citizens trying to flee Afghanistan. “The U.S. Embassy is exploring alternatives for U.S. Citizens who need to depart and who've no longer been capable of discover a seat on business flights,” consistent with a “sensitive however unclassified” e mail obtained through POLITICO. “Embassy is soliciting statistics from U.S. Residents who may additionally desire to make use of such alternatives.”

“Please do so as soon as possible,” the consular office implored.

There’s a more experience of urgency now. The Taliban have entered Kabul, although the organization issued a announcement imploring militants now not to attack the capital city. “Since the capital Kabul is a massive and densely populated city, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate do not intend to enter the metropolis by way of force or war, but instead to enter peacefully through Kabul,” the spokesperson said.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said Sunday that the Taliban’s speedy-fireplace navy triumph in Afghanistan became a disaster that “did no longer ought to show up.”

“It’s inexcusable,” stated Cheney on ABC’s “This Week.”

Cheney, for whom the warfare in Afghanistan is a part of her circle of relatives’s political legacy, said the US had failed the humans of Afghanistan — and would make the kingdom's allies doubt whether they are able to trust the United States.

“This disaster, the catastrophe that we are watching spread proper now throughout Afghanistan did no longer must take place," she said. "It's now not simply that people predicted this will manifest; every body changed into warned that this will happen. We’ve now created a state of affairs wherein as we get to the twentieth anniversary of Sept. 11, we're surrendering Afghanistan to the terrorist organization that housed Al Qaeda when they plotted and deliberate the attacks against us."

Earlier, when host Karl advised that the pix of helicopters airlifting American employees recalled the panicked exodus from Saigon in the course of the chaotic end to the Vietnam War in 1975, Blinken rejected the contrast.

"Let's take a step back. This is obviously no longer Saigon," stated Blinken, announcing the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 had succeeded in its primary intention, getting rid of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the aftermath of the 9/11 assaults.

"That message have to ring out very strongly," he delivered later.