The U.S. government has ordered mandatory vaccinations for all employees of companies with more than 100 employees.


The U.S. government has ordered mandatory vaccinations for all employees of companies with more than 100 employees.

It is the most significant measure applied to accelerate immunization against the coronavirus in the country: it can affect up to 84 million workers in the private sector. The White House tries to stop the rebound that is undermining the economic recovery.

The Government of Joe Biden announced this Thursday that private companies with more than 100 employees must guarantee from January 4 that their workers are vaccinated against covid-19.

In case of not wanting to be vaccinated, the workers of these large companies will have to undergo weekly tests and wear a mask.

It is the most significant measure applied so far in the workplace against the pandemic by the Government since it can affect up to 84 million private-sector workers, according to White House calculations, in an attempt to curb an epidemic that is undermining the economic recovery.

Although Biden had already announced his intention to adopt the measure in September, the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has now issued clear guidelines for its implementation.

In addition to ensuring that workers are vaccinated or undergo regular tests starting January 4, private companies must allow employees who so wish to receive the serum during working hours.

In a conversation with journalists , White House officials said that from that date the labor inspections will include controls on the vaccination order , with penalties of $ 13,653 per violation.

They also detailed that with this mandate they hope to prevent "thousands" of deaths and some 250,000 hospitalizations in the United States.

A second measure that will also take effect on January 4 is the vaccination requirement for all medical center workers participating in the public Medicare or Medicaid programs.

This second term affects more than 17 million workers.

Both measures announced today by the Biden Administration are in addition to the one already ordered weeks ago for federal government contractors and federal workers, thus covering the majority of the US workforce.

About 66% of the adult population in the United States is already vaccinated with at least one dose, a figure that has risen in recent months since the Government began putting pressure on companies to force their workers to receive the serum.

According to the graph of Our World in Data, the United States has 57 percent of the population fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Several companies, including the meat giant Tyson Foods or the airline United Airlines, had already prepared the ground by imposing these obligations on their employees since the end of September.

According to many US media outlets, the most recent, carmaker Ford has demanded that its 32,000 employees be vaccinated before December 8, except in the case of religious or medical exemptions.

However, in the country of individual freedoms, the measure unleashes criticism from the Republican opposition, which denounces a "dictatorship."

Driven since the summer by the delta variant, the pandemic has already killed 750,000 people in the United States.

Biden, who was elected head of the world's leading economic power almost a year ago, has made the fight against the Cold War one of the pillars of his presidency.

But after a successful start to the vaccination campaign, it collapsed, triggering the spread of the virus and partially halting the economic recovery promised by the Democratic leader.

Convincing adults who are reluctant to receive the vaccine is no easy task, especially since several states in the country, including Texas, have already imposed vaccination obligations in their area.