The US highlighted the arrival of Guillermo Lasso to the Presidency of Ecuador


The US highlighted the arrival of Guillermo Lasso to the Presidency of Ecuador: We share the commitment to democracy and cooperation in security."

For the inauguration of Ecuador, President Joe Biden's envoy Linda Thomas Greenfield stressed the importance of relations between the two countries and celebrated the free elections last April: they set a positive example of democracy in the region.

The United States ambassador to the UN and delegate of President Joe Biden at the inauguration of Guillermo Lasso, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, highlighted the importance that her country sees in relations with Ecuador banker to power to succeed to Lenin Moreno.

"I am delighted to be here representing the United States to celebrate its last election and the inauguration of President Lasso," said the US ambassador when she arrived in Quito this Sunday, where she offered a few words to the media at the airport.

Thomas-Greenfield arrived in the early afternoon at the head of a presidential delegation that will participate in Lasso's inauguration tomorrow, Monday, in the National Assembly.

"It is an important moment, and I am not saying it because it is the first time I have traveled outside the United States in more than 14 months," said the diplomat with humor, who was received by the outgoing Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Manuel Mejía.

Five heads of state and at least seven foreign ministers were scheduled to arrive in Ecuador this Sunday for the new president's inauguration, including the King of Spain Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and the presidents of Brazil and Haiti.

Felipe VI will meet privately with Lasso and the outgoing Lenín Moreno during his stay on Ecuadorian soil.

The US presidential delegation is completed by its ambassador in Ecuador, Michael J. Fitzpatrick; Julie Chung, Acting Undersecretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the State Department; and Juan González, special advisor from the National Security Council.

Free elections are the foundation of a democratic society like Ecuador. They give a positive example of the democracies in the region and of the values ​​that the peoples of Ecuador and the United States share," said the head of the delegation.

He said he was asked to visit and see the rest of the members who have come with him to Ecuador "as a powerful message." Ecuador, with which he shares, called it "more than values." "

We are involved in cultural exchange, commitment to democracy, and security cooperation. "In these difficult times, we also face serious challenges, such as defeating Covid 19, recovering from the economic downturn, and climate change," he added.

He emphasized that this was the reason why President Biden had sent his first presidential delegation to Ecuador.

He emphasized that this was the reason why President Biden had sent his first presidential delegation to Ecuador.

From this noon local time, the first foreign leaders who will participate in tomorrow's investiture have arrived. Among them are Haiti, Jovenel Moise; the vice president of Paraguay, Hugo Velázquez; and the Foreign Minister of Chile, Andres Allamand.

Among other leaders who have also confirmed their participation in the inauguration events are the presidents of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro ; Chile, Sebastián Piñera ; Colombia, Iván Duque ; Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou ; and the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader.

The change in power in Ecuador occurs amid the economic, social, and health crisis generated by the covid-19 pandemic, which has so far left more than 20,000 deaths between "confirmed" and "probable" due to the disease than 417,000 infected people.

Lasso, a 65-year-old center-right politician, also arrives at the Presidency in his third attempt with a severe lack of liquidity and a stuck vaccination program that he must solve for economic reactivation.

The president-elect, whose main election proposal was to inoculate 900,000 people against Covid 19 in 100 days, acknowledged that he faces very complex realities, unlimited needs, and very limited resources. And he has warned that he will rely heavily on creative tax reform.

Between December 2019 and last March, unemployment in Ecuador went from 4.6% to 5.5%. And income poverty increased from 25% in December 2019 to 32% in the same month of 2020.

Lasso obtained 52.36% of the votes, 4.72 points more than the economist Andrés Arauz, 36 years old and the dolphin of former president Rafael Correa, in the ballot on April 11, ending a string of triumphs of socialism.