The US offered Haitian citizens residing in the country the option of opting for temporary protected status.


The Department of Homeland Security secretary has informed that TPS will be applied to Haitian citizens who have already resided in the United States since May 21 and, in this way, will be able to remain in their territory for 18 more months.

This Saturday, the United States Government has announced the extension of special protections to Haitians who live temporarily in the United States since the 2010 earthquake.

The secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has reported that the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) will be applied to Haitian citizens who have already resided in the United States since May 21, and thus They will be able to remain in their territory for a further 18 months.

According to a statement, the hero was challenged to make the decision, citing serious security concerns, social unrest, increasing human rights abuses, poverty alleviation, and a lack of basic resources.

"After careful consideration, we decide that until the situation in Haiti improves, we must make every effort to help the Haitians in the United States so that they can safely return home." Come back

Democrat Robert Menéndez has declared that this measure could protect 150,000 Haitians from having to return to their country.

For weeks, activists have demanded that the Administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, make this decision and, although the figures are not clear, they have denounced that Biden has expelled more Haitians since January than the Trump administration since March from 2020 to January 2021, according to 'The Hill.'

This Tuesday, the Acting Undersecretary for the Western Hemisphere of the United States Department of State, Julie Chung, has demanded the holding of elections to resolve the crisis in Haiti.

We believe that the legislative election is a democratic way to end Haiti's long rule and that the presidential election is necessary to transfer power from one democratically elected leader to another," Chung said in a statement.

Haiti has been immersed in a long crisis that erupted at the beginning of the year after the opposition claimed that the mandate of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise, expired on February 7. Moise maintains that the term did not begin to run until valid elections were held. , therefore, he has the right to remain in office until February 2022.

In addition, the political crisis is compounded by growing insecurity, and violence has caused the concern of various sectors of society, which have triggered protests.