The US proposed to pay compensation to the families of civilians killed in a drone attack in Afghanistan.


The Pentagon indicated in a statement that it was working with the State Department to relocate any of those relatives who wanted to leave the country led by the Taliban.

A representative of the United States Department of Defense offered in a meeting possible financial compensation to the family of civilians killed in a US attack in Afghanistan at the end of August, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby revealed on Friday.

Although an agreement has not yet been reached, the meeting that took place on Thursday between the representative of the Department and the director of the American humanitarian organization for which Zamarai Ahmadi worked, one of the civilians who lost his life in the attack, was underway to establish financial compensation for the family and to discuss his wish to move to the United States.

As US General Frank McKenzie, one of the Pentagon's top commanders, admitted last September, Ahmadi was probably mistaken for a possible member of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) and killed with a drone. In an attack that McKenzie described as a "Terrible mistake."

Kirby was more forceful. "The attack was a tragic mistake, and Mr. Ahmadi and others who died were innocent victims who were not to blame and who were not affiliated with the ISKP or with threats to US forces," the spokesman said, in statements collected by the chain. CNN.

Ahmadi's two-year-old niece, her seven cousins ​​, and another child were killed in the attack, which came shortly after a suicide bombing near the Kabul airport left dozens dead, including 13 of the soldiers. Americans are assisting during evacuations following the rise to power of the Taliban.

Already in September, Kirby assured that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin would support the relocation of Ahmadi's family to the United States, as they want, a matter that would be the responsibility of the State Department anyway.

Recently, the president of the United States,  Joe Biden, said that he "widely" supports the investigation carried out into the attack with a drone in the Afghan capital of Kabul against an Afghan terrorist.

"The president's opinion (...) is that the loss of any civilian life is a tragedy. But, as was clear from the statements by Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin) and General (Kenneth) McKenzie, this was done by mistake. Clearly, the ensuing investigation is something that the president widely supports, "White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a press conference.