The video of the death of a young African American at the hands of the police sparks protests in the US.


Daunte Wright, 20, was shot to death by "accident" while driving through Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday.

The police officer who killed a young African-American in Minneapolis this Sunday confused his pistol with the taser, according to the camera carried by the police himself, who recorded what happened.

Brooklyn Police Center released a police camera footage Monday of the officer approaching the 20-year-old Daunte Wright vehicle and asking him to get out of the car. The agents try to tie up Wright, but he slips away and gets back into his vehicle.

Then the agent pulled out a gun and fired, "Taser!" After shooting, he immediately laments,  according to the audio of the recording. He says, "Shit! I shot him.

"When I saw the video and listened to the agent's orders, I deduced that he intended to remove the taser, but he shot Mr. Wright with a single bullet," said Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon, according to local press.

"After seeing it and seeing the reaction of the agent immediately lamenting, I think it was an accidental use that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Wright," he argued.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis lived its second night of protests on Monday despite the start of a curfew in this northern city of the United States, agitated after the supposedly accidental death of Wright. At the same time, the trial for the murder of George Floyd takes place.

Earlier, President Joe Biden spoke out on the incident over the weekend. African-American Daunte Wright was killed and said the peaceful demonstrations are understandable.

However, he said there is "absolutely no justification" for the looting.

After protests, Sunday night, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey decreed a curfew that came into effect at 7:00 p.m. (00:00 GMT Tuesday) on Monday, also in neighboring Saint Paul and in the three counties of the metropolitan area, including Hennepin, where the incident occurred.

According to police, Wright, 20, was shot to death by "accident" while driving through Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday.

The agents had ordered to stop the driver of the vehicle for a traffic violation. When they discovered that he had an outstanding arrest warrant, they tried to arrest him.

To the curfew is added the deployment of a thousand soldiers of the National Guard to avoid more overflows.

But, ignoring the mayor's order, dozens of protesters continued waving their banners and chanting slogans in the rain outside the Brooklyn Center City Police Station.

This Monday, the local police commander, Tim Gannon, pointed out that the incident was "accidental", and said that the agent involved did not want to shoot but that she mistook her firearm for her immobilizer or taser pistol.

"It was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death" of Wright.

According to her superior, the police were an experienced officer, were suspended, and her name has not been released.

On Sunday night, police fired tear gas to disperse a crowd outside the local police station.

Following the incidents, the defense of the former agent charged in Floyd's death, Derek Chauvin, asked the judge leading the process to isolate the jury, concerned that the protests could influence their decision.

But both the prosecution and the judge refused to isolate the jury.

The magistrate said, On Monday, We are going to isolate them when we expect concluding arguments.

Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter charges for his role in Floyd's death after immobilizing him by placing his knee on his neck when arresting him for allegedly paying with a false bill.