The Virginia GOP ends the election sweep by winning the House

The Republicans also demanded the national offices of the governor, Lieutenant Governor and attorney general in the November 2 election.


A three-judge panel overseeing the recount in a contest near the Virginia state House voted in favor of the Republican MP on Friday, a decision that reaffirms the GOP's takeover of the chamber and completes the party's sweepstakes in last month's election.

The Republicans also demanded the national offices of the governor, Lieutenant Governor and attorney general in the November 2 election. Democrats still hold the majority of 21-19 members in the Senate - where elections will not be held until 2023 - the divisive control of the Virginia state legislature.

Confirmed election results showed the Republicans leading in 52 constituencies and the 48 leading Democrats. A re-run of the 85th regional race resulted in Democratic Alliance candidate Alex Askew receiving 12 votes, but still following Republican Karen Greenhalgh challenge with 115 votes. There was only one contested vote. The team found that the purpose of the voter was not yet clear, so the vote was not counted among them. The 85th district covers part of the city of Virginia Beach.

After Democrats called for a recount in two races with skinny jeans, that left a 50-50 split.

While the second recount, in the 91st District, is still expected to continue next week, Democrats no longer have a chance to postpone the GOP majority. Askew is one of the first newly elected candidates in 2019, when Democrats scrutinized the House and Senate.

Following the announcement of the census results, Askew thanked his fans, campaign staff and volunteers.

"While this is not the outcome we were expecting, I continue to be optimistic about the future of our Commonwealth and the city of Virginia Beach," he said in a statement.

The House Republicans - who have won 52 constituencies, according to confirmed results - have said they hope the lead of the candidates will hold.

“With just one outstanding account, House Republicans are thrilled to begin working for the people of Virginia. With the majority in the legislature, we can move forward with the timely changes to be ready for work on the first day, ”said Speaker Todd Gilbert in a statement after the results were announced.

Outgoing House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn commended Askew for his work in the house and congratulated Greenhalgh on his victory.

“While the results of the recount did not change the outcome of the first election, it was a necessary step for us to reaffirm our faith in the democratic process. And the same process, needed to ensure that all the votes cast will take place next week in House District 91, ”Filler-Corn said in a statement.

Minnesota is the only country with Democrats and Republicans dividing between the chambers of law. In Alaska, Republicans have a majority in both chambers, but the State House is controlled by a coalition of Democrats, independents, and two Republicans. Nebraska has just one regional legislature.

All day on Thursday and Friday, people filled the room on the second floor of the election building in Virginia Beach as votes were cast on two scanners. Groups of people sitting at tables scrutinized which votes were determined by the machines to be recorded, which were not clearly marked or had any other issue.

There are no discussions or arguments during the trial of who will win the race. When the panel of judges ruled that the contested vote - which was full of bids for both candidates but Greenhalgh's name - was not yet clear, they asked for the votes to be included in the registrar's office. Virginia Supreme Court Judge Leslie Lilley quickly learned that Greenhalgh would be the next 85th district delegate.