The warning of one of Joe Biden's advisers for Latin America


The warning of one of Joe Biden's advisers for Latin America: "We must prevent El Salvador from becoming another Venezuela."

"We have seen using popularity to weaken democratic systems in other parts of Latin America, and it is something that worries us a lot," said Juan González.

The United States wants to coordinate with other countries to prevent "El Salvador from becoming another Venezuela" because it is concerned about how the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele," uses popularity to weaken the democratic system" in the country.

This Friday, Juan González, the principal adviser for Latin America to the US president, Joe Biden, in an interview with the EFE agency after visiting Ecuador and Colombia together with the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Asked about the authoritarian drift of some leaders in Latin America, and specifically Nayib Bukele, González said: "We have seen that movie before, in places like Venezuela, where someone uses popularity to create an authoritarian system, and that has not served the people. Venezuelan very well. Faced with the celebration of the (twentieth anniversary of) the Inter-American Democratic Charter, we have committed ourselves to a democratic system in the region, not because of ideology, but because we have tried revolutionary and authoritarian governments. They have not yielded the economic, social and political results of the way democracy does it".

In addition, Biden's adviser said that the US has "several tools" to stop the advance of authoritarianism, "but our goal is to establish conditions in which the Salvadoran people can prosper. We have a fairly close relationship with the Salvadoran people, and we will continue working with them. But, unfortunately, corruption - as in other parts of the world - in El Salvador impedes the prosperity of its people and the government's ability to be held accountable. At this time, we have seen using popularity to weaken democratic systems in other parts of Latin America. It is something that worries us a lot. We are going to work with the international community to prevent El Salvador from becoming another Venezuela".

Along these lines, when asked about the progress of the case against Alex Saab in the US Justice System and the possible consequences for Nicolás Maduro, González said that "this is something that will be the result of an independent judicial process here in the United States. One commitment that President Biden made when he was a candidate is that we are not only supporting a negotiation process that leads to free and fair elections (but) also doing everything possible to support the Venezuelan people inside and outside of Venezuela - that's why the president gave Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Venezuelans. (That includes) also going after every dollar that has been stolen from the Venezuelan people. "

"But the most important thing about the Saab issue is that the judicial processes in the United States and robust democracies are independent, and they walk independently. And we have made it very clear since January that Saab was never going to be part of a negotiation because the talks between Venezuelans had to be about the country's future. I believe that the decision of the Maduro team to stand from the table by an individual who has been accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the Venezuelan people demonstrates Maduro's priorities, "he said.

Finally, regarding the chances that the dialogue between Chavismo and the opposition in Mexico will resume, Biden's advisor said that "we have lifted bans on liquefied petroleum gas (which is used mainly) for cooking, and if you realize, we have not imposed new sanctions on Venezuela since January 20 because this Administration supports 100% a process of dialogue that will lead to concrete, ambitious and irreversible results towards a democratic Venezuela".

"We will continue to support the process, but again, leaving the table with one person when one can advance a conversation that benefits all the Venezuelan people and restores democracy in Venezuela demonstrates Maduro's priorities. We remain committed to dialogue and will do everything possible to support it. And we have indicated the will to raise the pressure, based on concrete, irreversible and ambitious actions in favor of democracy", he concluded.