The woman was discriminated against at Six Flags for the outfit she wore.


Bailey, who is autistic, explained that she is now banned from parks for five years.

In the state of Oklahoma, in the United States, a woman with autism reported that Six Flags police forced her to leave the amusement park under the excuse that her outfit was too short.

Through her Facebook account, the woman who identified herself as Bailey Breed posted a video in which a police officer continually asked for her identification, while the person recording began to say that the officer detained her because her shorts were "very short." In the recording, it can also be seen that the woman's daughter is about to cry, while the police insist on obtaining a credential from the woman.

In addition to the clip of just over 30 seconds, he added a message in which he described his full experience on April 30.

"My experience there was traumatic. I bought tickets and parking online, which was a lot of money. My family and I were welcomed to their park at 5 pm. We were having fun, enjoying the rides, and spending money on what we thought was going to be a great Oklahoma City vacation spot. Around 7 pm, a park police officer yelled at my daughter for rolling down the hill on her skates right next to me; I was holding her hand," Bailey began.

It was then that the officer approached the woman, but instead of bringing up the subject of skates, she told her that her shorts were "too short." Bailey, being a person with autism, revealed that it is difficult for her to talk to the police, so she approached her boyfriend.

She [the officer] had to yell at me and asking for support. Then his incompetent manager showed up and started wanting to embarrass me for what he was using. They told me that I had to go buy new shorts, although I am not forced to buy anything that I do not want, "she explained.

Although the woman agreed to go for a new pair of shorts, the uniformed woman continued to make other types of accusations.

"Then they threatened me that I was committing an illegal break-in when I agreed to buy new shorts so that my family could enjoy their vacations. Then they pushed me and escorted me towards the entrance", he added.

But this was not enough for the officers, who then began to remove the handcuffs in what appeared to be an arrest. When Bailey demanded a reason, the woman only replied that it was because she is a police officer. In addition, they asked for their identification numbers, but the police did not give in.

"At this point, we start filming, so we have a video of the illegal tactics. They didn't provide us with license plate numbers, and I was terrified that I was about to go to jail for a pair of shorts. His officers made my 11-year-old daughter cry hysterically, thinking that her mother was about to be arrested, "he said.

Bailey added that they want a refund of what they paid to enter the park, as it was an event that traumatized their entire family.

"His policies are vague and confusing, and the way his body shames and discriminates against is illegal. [...] I deserve reimbursement for the trauma caused to my family by a pair of shorts on a hot day. I will not let this happen since we are in 2021 and not in high school. [...] I am currently banned for five years, but I will not return to any of your parks if they treat women and law-abiding citizens and visitors in this way. They concluded that you should be ashamed of yourself.