There will be a special edition of Xbox Series X, based on Halo Infinite.


It will be the first time that one of these consoles is known with a new design and thematic changes that other versions do not have.

Microsoft took advantage of the opening night of the renowned Gamescom event to announce exciting news for Halo fans; in addition to confirming the launch date of the new instance of the saga, they revealed a new particular console themed with the acclaimed game.

As part of announcements prepared by Microsoft for Gamescom, the company unveiled the new limited edition Xbox Series X based on Halo Infinite. This new version of the next-generation console will change the traditional black design for a unique look that includes dark metallic panels, gold details, and a star pattern to match the Halo universe.

In addition to the external appearance of the console, it will also have specific unique limited edition details such as its own on and off sounds based on Halo's hearing resources. It will also change the green color on the top of the dedicated machine to the fan by a faint blue.

The console, which has already been pre-ordered and priced at $ 549.99, will come with its thematic control that will copy the design in an adapted way with gold, black, and gray colors.

However, the limited edition console wasn't the only Halo-related announcement at the event. As 20 years since the launch of the acclaimed shooting game franchise is being celebrated, it will also be specially celebrated with a unique themed skin for the Xbox Elite 2 controller. This controller will receive an appearance based on the iconic Master Chief, the protagonist of the Halo games.

The design in question will consist of metallic green with details similar to the protagonist's Spartan armor and characteristic elements such as the number 117 and even the artificial intelligence compartment located on the back of the controller. It also has a series of custom interchangeable pads for the same unique design. This control will be released on November 15 for $ 199.99, and its pre-sale is already open.

The launch of the limited edition of Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X would be the first time that a new design is known for Microsoft's next-generation console, since until now only the black design with green details had been handled without any type of variation, unlike previous consoles that had seen a wide variety of special editions with various themes.

The limited-edition Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X is due out on November 15 to launch the long-awaited game a month later, on December 8. However, it should be remembered that the long-awaited title will have cooperative multiplayer until months after its release.