They brutally attacked a 70-year-old Mexican in Los Angeles: the aggressor thought she was Asian


African American Yasmine Beasley, 23, was arrested in Los Angeles, California, after the attack that adds to the multiple incidents considered racist in the United States.

A Mexican-American grandmother was seriously injured when she was attacked by an African-American woman who thought the old woman was of Asian descent.

Last Friday, Becky, 70, was riding a bus to buy groceries in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

In an exchange of glances, 23-year-old Yasmine Beasley began physically assaulting the older woman, who was unable to protect herself from the brutal attack.

The Eastsider reported that the 23-year-old allegedly launched racial slurs at the old woman by hitting her on the face and neck, leaving her so badly beaten that her eyes were closed due to swelling, in addition to causing a concussion and fracturing her nose.

According to reports, the son of Becky said her mother was hit in the face and stayed with others after wounds of the shocking attack, so I had to go to the hospital, covered with bruises and clumps of torn hair.

His son Pete told the publication. Nobody helped her. Not even the bus driver. 

He confirmed that the attacker was African American and only stopped the frenzied assault when his bruised and beaten mother frantically called the police.

The Eastsider reported Becky was detained in the hospital for 24 hours before being released, but Becky's son Pete reported that she still has difficulty walking after the attack worsened her pre-existing condition of lupus arthritis and other injuries. 

California police are investigating the crime.

More attacks on Asians

Since the coronavirus shutdown in the US last March, a Stop Asian-American Pacific Islander Hate (AAPI) report has documented at least 3,795 racially motivated attacks on Asian Americans in the past year alone.

In recent weeks, numerous marches have been registered worldwide to denounce these episodes and show solidarity with Asian minorities. Since the beginning of the pandemic and until the end of 2020, the organization "Stop Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate" (Stop the hatred of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans) registered almost 2,800 complaints of "anti-Asian hatred" throughout the world. country, 240 of them including physical attack

In March, six Asian women were among eight people killed during three shootings at massage parlors in the Atlanta area.

Suspected gunman Robert Aaron Long, 21, has blamed the shooting on his sex addiction.

Police said they opened fire on massage parlors to try to "eliminate the temptation." Still, anti-racism activists say the massacre highlights how vulnerable Asian Americans are to violence.