They don't work ": Martinoli and the speech that came to life after El Tri's failure in the Gold Cup.


They don't work ": Martinoli and the speech that came to life after El Tri's failure in the Gold Cup.

The Aztec television commentator has constantly criticized the Mexican team for the different performances shown in official competitions.

The criticism of the Mexican team does not end; after they lost the final against the United States of the Concacaf Gold Cup, different sectors of fans demanded the performance of the team led by Gerardo Martino.

Through social networks, the debate increased, as it is the second time that El Tri lost to the North Americans in an official competition final. For this reason, different commentators and journalists shared their opinion on the matter on the various digital platforms.

Christian Martinoli is one of the most recognized commentators today, and on different occasions, he has questioned the performance of the Aztec team, even calling them an "overrated" team.

There have been several speeches that judge the performance of the national teams. But with the last version of the Aztec team in the Gold Cup, different Internet users rescued the opinion shared by Martinoli in 2016, when the Mexican team lost 7 - 0 against the Chilean team. The TV Azteca commentator threw himself against the players and the coach on duty and pointed out that "they are useless."

Five years have passed since that criticism, but with the new disappointment of the Mexican team, it seems that Christian Martinoli's phrases once again make sense about the performance of the Tata Martino players and the managers who encourage the team.

On that occasion, Martinoli's words revolved around the coaches who arrive on the national team bench:

"Those who have been part of the National Team for eight years cannot beat them. Technicians come and go, a cheerleader, a psychologist, a motivator, a soldier, a philosopher comes; Whoever comes, these footballers do not work, the paper stars of Mexican soccer do not work. 

On the big stage, against the great teams, against whom we think we are, and we have an idea that we are better than them, we are not. "

He also commented that "the directors of Mexican soccer are afraid of the soccer players of the Mexican National Team," this is under the idea of ​​those who play with the national jersey believe "immovable" figures.

"Those who are the demigods of national football, those who 'don't touch them because they are the country's patrimony, the managers are afraid of them," the commentator said at the time. His words were taken up again to criticize the team that competed in the 2020 Gold Cup.

In overtime, the Mexican team fell with a lone goal from the Americans. Alfredo Talavera could do nothing to prevent it, so with a score of 1 - 0, the Mexicans lost and immediately received all kinds of complaints from the Mexican fans.