They evacuated a building in North Miami Beach after an inspection because its structure is unsafe.


"As a precautionary measure, the city ordered the immediate closure of the building and the evacuation of residents for their protection," City Manager Arthur H. Sorey III said in the statement.

The city of North Miami Beach, Florida, ordered the evacuation of a residential building on Friday after unsafe conditions were detected during an inspection.

In a statement, the city said an audit ordered after the deadly crash of the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside found that Crestview Towers, of 156 apartments, was unsafe in their structure and installation electrical.

"As a precautionary measure, the city ordered the immediate closure of the building and the evacuation of residents for their protection, while a full structural assessment is carried out and the next actions to be taken are defined," said City Manager Arthur H. Sorey III in the statement.

The North Miami Beach Police Department was assisting with the evacuation of residents of the Crestview, which was built in 1972.

Municipal authorities are looking for a place to house the evacuees with the help of the Red Cross, Sorey added.

Evacuated residents were carrying suitcases and storing items in cars Friday afternoon outside Crestview. A report from the AP news agency warned.

The Miami-Dade County mayor suggested an audit of 40-year-old or older buildings to ensure they comply with the local recertification process following the condo building collapse last week, which killed at least 22 people and left more than 120 missing.

After reviewing the records, the city's Building and Zoning Department notified that the Crestview building was not in compliance. On Friday, the building manager filed a recertification report. An engineer hired by the condominium association board determined that the property was unsafe. The city then ordered all residents to leave quickly.

On the other hand, the mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, announced this Friday that she had authorized the demolition of the part of the Champlain Towers South building that remained standing, after the northeast wing, with 55 apartments, collapsed. The 24th of June. In statements to CNN, he said that the demolition would not occur before the possible arrival of Hurricane Elsa in Miami-Dade early next week.