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The protection of the present, in the camp in the Texas city of Beaumont, was so weak that four of the prisoners who managed to escape by putting mannequins in his bed, or for in their rooms, while the other inmates were forced to give up, and they said, according to the U.S. department of justice's built-in hardware watchdog on Monday.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office has been opened up, and widespread breaches of security at the prison camp, government agencies, prison, campus, and is a satellite of the university campus, all of that to keep the doors are unlocked, or with the help of the lock, which was a sensitive, and a hack to the widest selection of which is restricted by a fence, or adequacy of the controls.

These organizations tend to be the house of the prisoners who are deemed to be low risk, such as those who have been convicted of minor drug-related crime or white-collar.

According to Horowitz, some of the prisoners managed to escape from such organizations, or the taking of contraband.

Safety Note: the Horowitz in Federal Prison, describes the escape of four prisoners from the Guests ' Imprisonment. It is said that the bonds would run for no more than 12 hours and put the mannequins in their beds in order to make it appear as if they were in their cells, or to force the guards to leave them. The trick was a success, despite the fact that the guards of the three estimates for the prisoners on the night.

This report is not a question of the identity of the prisoner, or a historical event, and it remains unclear how many of the plants are used.

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No, they are four of the men was found in the morning, check-out, and no inmates have been identified. Two out of the four, apparently, to leave the prison, in order to be smuggled.

"We saw that they were outside the doors of the individual buildings in satellite engineering, the FCC, the camp of the Federal Freedom of the disabled and the alarm, the error of the news about the spread of the complex) the 'Guests' were exposed, in the sense that it was unlocked by a drone, there are no cameras here, and it is either defective lamps or lamp which are able to manipulate the prisoners," Horowitz said.

"The loopholes in the security system of the federal prisoners in the camps, and a satellite camp of the dangerous inmates to escape, and if they return, they will have to smuggle the contraband to the back of the institutions that put the community in danger," he said.

A representative of the Bureau of jail, immediately responded to a request for comment.