They leaked a video of a UFO in California, and the Pentagon confirmed its veracity.


Documentary maker Jeremy Corbell released the images showing an unidentified flying object. His characteristics and the word of the spokeswoman for the Department of Defense

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released a video on Friday showing an unidentified flying object in the sky over California, United States. The U.S. Navy photographed and filmed "spherical" UFOs and modern trans-medium vehicles. Here are some of the photos he posted on his social networks.

He then specified that the images were taken by the USS Omaha's Combat Information Center on July 15, 2019, off San Diego at 11 PM. "No remains were found. No ship was recovered, "he added.

"It is observed in intelligence reports that the 'spherical' ship appeared to have the transmedia capability and was observed descending into the water without destruction. The ship could not be found upon entering the water (a submarine was used in the search), and nothing was recovered," Corbell continued.

For her part, the spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Defense, Susan Gough, confirmed to The Debrief portal the video's authenticity. I can confirm that this video was recorded by Navy personnel and has been included in the investigation by the Unknown Aerial Phenomena Working Group (UAPTF) of the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence. ۔ Ongoing, he said.

Before Gough's remarks, Jeremy Corbell had stated on his social media: "We don't know if (...) the Navy or the Pentagon might be willing to say something about the USS Omaha incident, but we trust that the incident is a legitimate mystery and we await any information that may arrive. "

In August of last year, the Pentagon created a military unit for UFOs, charged with officially studying unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, that focuses on detecting possible espionage maneuvers led by United States adversaries.

With the creation of the "work cell on unidentified aerial phenomena" approved on August 4 and in charge of the Navy, the intention is to "better understand the nature and origin" of these phenomena, said Susan at the time. Gough, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, in a statement.

For the U.S. military, unknown aerial imagery has nothing to do with "potential green spots, but with many American enemies." Washington is particularly concerned about China's spying capabilities through drones or other aerial means.

The spokesman said the Pentagon unit's mission was to "detect, analyze and list unknown airborne phenomena that could pose a threat to national security."

He added that the Pentagon "takes the use of untrained aircraft in our training centers or in our airspace and reviews all reports very seriously."

The United States Senate took an interest in the Pentagon's activities in the region in June, formally confirming the existence of an informal working group on the issue. The new unit regulates the operations of these troops and allows Congress to closely monitor all activities.