They may think he's partying, but he's professional": Mourinho's defense to Barcelona's new reinforcement


"They may think he's partying, but he's professional": Mourinho's defense to Barcelona's new reinforcement after criticism.

After spending time at Manchester United, the Portuguese coach referred to the eccentric personality of Memphis Depay.

After the official statement made by FC Barcelona announcing the hiring of Dutch striker Memphis Depay, who will soon join the squad after his elimination from the European Championship, some personalities who shared time with him gave their opinion on the 27-year-old footballer.

The historic former Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney, recently revealed an anecdote that he lived with his former teammate during the 2015-16 season, in which he revealed some attitudes that were not well received in the English institution.

Now, it was the Portuguese coach José Mourinho who referred to that episode and defended the new Barcelona reinforcement considering that "now he arrives as a mature player."

"During a game against Stoke City, Depay wasted several chances, and Van Gaal sent him to the bench at half-time. Not only that but he was also punished the next day to play a game with the reserves. Back in the locker room, I advised him not to show up conspicuously at the crash," Rooney recalled in dialogue with the British newspaper Daily Mail, knowing his extravagant personality.

"I don't think he listened to me because he showed up to the game in his Rolls Royce, wearing a leather jacket and a cowboy hat," he explained days ago.

José Mourinho was consulted about those words, who had him among his ranks at Manchester United. 

I read something about Wayne Rooney, who talked about the time when Depay encountered a pair of rails with a railway team and a cowboy hat.

So he was a bit like that, but he's a good boy. He is a great professional," he assured TalkSport.

"People sometimes look at him and think he's a party animal. But, I think he matured in Lyon, something that players need sometimes", he considered his time at the French club, where he arrived in 2016, and where he stayed for five seasons, becoming the captain.

"Sometimes players go too early to an elite club, and they can't take the pressure. Then they have a hard time coping with the fact that they don't kick every week. Then some players lose sight of reality and begin to act childish, "he explained, referring to Depay's frustrated stay at Old Trafford.

Finally, Mourinho stated that regarding his arrival in Spain, "that choice has gone well for him and now he comes to Barcelona as a mature player. He is now a good age (27 years old), and I am convinced that Barcelona's football culture will help him to be even better at this". "In any case, I only have good memories of him, and I want to emphasize again that he is a good professional," he said.

In a documentary called Met Beide Benen, Depay had spoken about this fact: "They say that in Manchester I failed. But come on, man. I drive a Rolls-Royce; this is my life. They didn't give me anything; I have earned everything with both feet. I am not good; I am not bad. Just don't forget to check my past, check my scars. I don't care what people think of me. It is my life, and if I am the black sheep, I am. Anyway, I do what I want".