"They should follow their example": Faitelson's controversial congratulations to Nacho Ambriz.

source: today.in-24.com

The former León coach received praise from the journalist, despite being a harsh critic of the sport; on this occasion, he applauded Ignacio Ambriz's dream.

The future of Ignacio Ambriz seems to draw a clear destiny since his incorporation into Spanish football will be a fact, and he will assume the technical direction of a team in the Second Division of Spain. However, after leading the León club, making it champion, and resigning from the team, new challenges would come for the former Mexican soccer player.

Recently there was speculation about Nacho's intention to go to Europe to fulfill one of his dreams. With the information that circulated, it will be a matter of time before his contract with the Huesca Sports Society is confirmed, and he is present in Spain.

Faced with this phenomenon, sports commentator David Faitelson shared his perspective of the news on social networks; even though he is considered one of the most controversial sports journalists, he put aside that role and congratulated Ambriz for the decision, but not before launching a I challenge the rest of the Mexican coaches.

Through his official Twitter account, he shared a series of publications about the coach and applauded the decision he made to try his luck in Spain; He began by highlighting the audacity he had to get out of his "comfort zone" and accept the challenge of the new team, he took the opportunity to send a provocation to the rest of the Mexican coaches who only operate in the country's leagues.

"Congratulations to Nacho Ambriz. He took the path of his 'teacher.' He dared. He left the comfort of home. He left his comfort zone and accepted the challenge of directing in the second division of Spain ... Mexican coaches should follow his example ..." he published.

The reaction was immediate, with at least a thousand users liking his comment and various Internet users debating the former Leon coach. Decision. On the one hand, the Mexican fans applauded his effort. On the other hand, they compared him to the Turco Antonio Mohamed. The latter also ventured into European soccer and returned to work in Liga MX.

On the other hand, they questioned the quality that can exist in the second division of Spain, since if he was champion in the First Division of Liga MX, It would face a different scenario, and the Huesca team will face the challenge of moving forward. 

In a second publication, David Faitelson described him as a person with "value" and added that he is an element that is missing from the rest of the national coaches; He also called Nacho a great coach, something that sets him apart from other coaches.

Directing the Mexican football champion to a club located in the second division of Spain.

Nacho Ambriz is not only a great coach. He also has what most Mexican coaches don't have: courage ...".

It should be noted that Faitelson is characterized by being a controversial character who always criticizes and questions the protagonists of the sports world. Hence, his congratulatory messages to Nacho Ambriz caused surprise and were the object of ridicule among his internet followers.

So far, Huesca has not made official the arrival of the Mexican to the bench, so the Mexican fans will have to wait for the announcement of the official form.

Ambriz was champion with La Fiera in the 2020 Guardianes tournament after a brilliant campaign that led them to stay at the top of the table and face the Universidad club in the grand final of Mexican soccer.

For the 2021 Guardians, they could not defend their champion title and lost in the league playoffs. After no agreement with the board, Nicho resigned from the team in April 2021. Since then, he was left without a team waiting for an offer.