Things to know about Crypto currency Payment Gateway


With the rapid expansion of technology, online infrastructures are becoming more popular and prevalent. In the last few years, perhaps the most revolutionary advancement to come into existence in this sphere is block chain technology. One of the many incredible products that come from block chain is crypto currency. This decentralized digital currency has revolutionized the retail sector. Crypto currencies allow businesses and people to make online monetary transactions without relying on a central authority such as a bank. These block chain-based payments reduce the risk of fraud since all transactions appear on a public ledger. Even so, given that crypto provide party to party transactions, it can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs to accept, verify, and record individual crypto currency payments seamlessly.  

Manually verifying and logging payments made to your business using crypto currencies can be a pain in the neck. Moreover, given that these block chain-based currencies make international trade easy, companies are likely to get overwhelmed by the payments. Fortunately, crypto payment gateways can help in solving these problems. They are software that authorizes payments for merchants. What's more, you can also get a crypto payment gateway with Opencart to maximize the use of other e-commerce tools. Crypto payment gateways are especially useful to entrepreneurs who aren't extensively knowledgeable in the world of block chain technology. 

Understanding Crypto Payment Gateways & WHY?

Crypto payment gateways are programs that allow businesses to accept crypto currencies as a form of payment. They act as a third-party between merchants and clients that receive and authorize payments from clients. In most cases, when transactions go through these crypto payment gateways, they are charged a minimal fixed rate. After that, the crypto currencies used to make the payments are then converted to recognizable fiat currencies. Doing this protects business owners from the volatile nature of crypto currencies. Still, entrepreneurs can also opt to store the crypto currency in a crypto wallet without converting it into a fiat currency. 

The benefits of crypto currencies are already quite apparent to many people. Even so, some businesses are still adamant about using traditional payment methods when transacting online. Here are some of the benefits of using crypto payment gateways to help those who may still be sitting on the fence. 

Lower Transaction Costs

It's no secret that traditional online payment methods such as credit and debit cards have high transaction costs. Nevertheless, with crypto currencies, banks and other institutions can't control the movement of funds. Therefore, you can expect to have minimal transaction fees when paying and receiving funds. 

Attracts New Clientele

Given that crypto currencies are immensely gaining popularity, more people are looking to pay using digital currency. For this reason, many people are looking for businesses that accept crypto as payment. Hence, merchants using crypto payment gateways stand to benefit greatly. 

Secure and Organization

Although crypto transactions are already pretty secure, there's nothing wrong with adding extra levels of security. Crypto payment gateways can authorize all payments made to your business using crypto currencies and do a lot more. Since crypto can easily facilitate cross-border trade, companies that accept them as payment can expect to witness a rise in the number of orders. Due to this, keeping up with all transactions can be an uphill task. Nevertheless, crypto payment gateways can automate all your sales and organize them. This reduces the workload and prevents any errors from occurring. 


Many Bit coin payment gateways have incorporated other online trading tools such as Open cart and woo commerce. This is an open-source online retail manager that makes it easy to manage your online store. It makes managing your inventory easy, and with the help of crypto payment gateways, it allows your business to accept crypto currencies as payment with ease.