This machine is capable of turning any alcoholic beverage into ice cream.


From beer to whiskey or cocktails, you can choose which drink you want to eat in a cone.

The hot days of summer have arrived, and what better to calm the heat than ice cream or a cold beer, two options that seem distant but that, thanks to the ingenious invention of a company called Below Zero, may have merged to the delight of all.

This company has created something unprecedented, a machine capable of transforming any alcoholic beverage into ice cream, beer, whiskey, vodka, or even cocktail mixes.

The man who made eating your favorite alcoholic beverage possible is Will Rogers. He worked with WDS Dessert Stations in Hinkley, Illinois, to develop the machine.

Those who love alcohol need not worry that their drink will lose its potency once the Below Zero machine turns it into soft ice cream. However, since alcoholic beverages do not contain dairy products, what comes out of the machine is technically not ice cream.

How? Let's explain a few things. First, the freezing point of alcohol is much lower compared to the other ingredients, which means that freezing the alcohol means sacrificing the texture of the ice cream, but thanks to the cold crystallization technology that the Below Zero machine uses, it is possible to maintain the same percentage of alcohol by volume after the 30 minutes of the transformation process.

The first step is to "decarbonize" the alcoholic beverage of choice to eliminate its percentage of carbon dioxide. It is mixed with a gel, added to the machine, and squeezed like delicious ice cream.

"At first, we used liquid nitrogen to make Below Zero, but now with the new machines, you put it in a cone, and it's ready to eat," explains Will Rogers, the inventor, and owner of Below Zero, speaking to the Daily Star.

The nitrogen ingredient additive gel allows the alcohol to freeze inside the machine while adding sugar.

The method is pasteurized and approved by the United States FDA, so it is completely safe. Although it is marketed as "ice cream," perhaps "sorbet" is a more accurate word since the final product does not contain dairy.

The machine will cost almost $ 6,000 for bars, but those who obtain it will be able to propose to their customers what drink they want to eat. Pretty exotic, right?

"If it's six ounces in a cone versus six ounces in a glass, it's identically the same: it doesn't change the alcohol at all. If you're using Jack Daniels and coke, it's the same as Jack Daniels and coke in a cone," says its inventor.

From Malibu and pineapple to beer, you can turn anything into ice cream.

"The vodka and lemonade cone is my personal favorite; on a hot day, it's like having Italian ice cream. A Below Zero cone is a dessert, so anything with fruit flavors when you go to a restaurant and want to order a dessert, that's what you put in the machine", he highlights.

The machines are not yet available outside of the United States, but we hope they arrive soon!