This was Florian Thauvin's first aim with the Tigers.


The French striker managed to score his first goal in the Liga Mx in the match against Querétaro.

An error in the departure of the Gallos caused a clear goal opportunity for the Tigres during the second half of the match corresponding to matchday five of the Liga Mx. The play ended with the long-awaited first goal Florian Thauvin wearing the feline jersey.

After stealing the ball, Javier Aquino overflowed to the left end line of the Querétaro field to then send a delayed diagonal that found Thauvin. The Frenchman finished off the ball with the inside of his right leg already with a completely dislodged defense and without spirit. The ball took the direction of the goal and embedded itself in the upper right corner.

The university volcano exploded before the first annotation of the selected one of France with the colors of Tigres. In addition, the rest of his teammates also celebrated effusively by hugging Thauvin, who was able to show all the desire he felt to finally reveal why he came to Mexican soccer as a bomb reinforcement.

Even André Pierre Gigna c himself, who was a spectator behind the goal where the score fell, shouted Thauvin's shot with great enthusiasm. Both players have known each other since their stages in Ligue 1.

Criticism from the fans increased as the matches went by, and the Frenchman did not appear. In his debut match in the league, this increased after the winger was sent off for a sneaky tackle with an opponent.

Thauvin played the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 with France, and on his return to the concentration of the royal team, he had not been able to demonstrate the talent with which he dazzled in the French league. The 28-year-old's adaptation is slow in Mexico, and many hope his best moments are yet to come.

On social media, Tigers fans also cheered and cheered on Florian's goal. 

Olympique de Marseille's support came as a star in Mexican football and is more likely to produce results like Andre Pierre Gignac's compatriot.

His central cartel was part of the group of world champion players in Russia in 2018.

His contribution in the third goal of the night against Querétaro was a sigh for both the player and Miguel Herrera. The Mexican coach's project began to be questioned after the first matches of the tournament. Before this meeting, those from Nuevo León had suffered from a lack of forcefulness at the front, and on this day, they were finally accurate in front of the goal.

"That goal he makes helps me a lot because it is also a great goal. It will also help him to gain confidence," said Piojo Herrera in post-match statements.

In addition, the coach commented on the importance of the victory and what is coming for the Tigre team. "It seems to me that I am calm, I am working, the only way things turn out is with work. This victory is not crazy either, it is a good performance by the boys, but we will continue looking for the next three points", he highlighted.

Mazatlán will be the felines' next rival in their quest to reach the top of the tournament. They are currently located in position number seven, but several results remain to be expected to complete date five.